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  1. Boston
  2. Blues
  3. Canes 11 games
  4. Great battle HRF, unfortunately this postseason has been too odd for almost anyone to predict could have easily went either way. Looks like Kinot was the only "favorite" to win his 1st round matchup, although I will never believe habs93 is a true 8th seed.
  5. Avs
  6. From what I’ve seen of Poehling, which isn’t too much, he’s a big game player. Exactly what we need, no more Patches type who disappear when games mean more, this guy takes it upon himself to control the game be it WJC or his first NHL game. Small sample sizes obviously but I’m down with these type of players
  7. OT... Blues
  8. Back from no coverage area jackets sharks
  9. Canes Blues
  10. Bos Avs