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  1. Philly Boston Philly New Jersey Islanders NYI Tampa Columbus Tampa Jets Sens Jets Montreal Vancouver Montreal
  2. ^^^ taken from capfriendly
  3. Montreal Canadiens Jesperi Kotkaniemi NHL from Taxi Squad
  4. Isn't that a 60 goal pace? Right out of college.. wow. i'll assume your joking
  5. Very easy to draw a penalty from a cross check to the back, Oilers were just falling forward when pushed from behind knowing the refs would try to aid them back into the game.
  6. New Jersey vs NY Rangers: NYRBuffalo vs Philadelphia: PhiladelphiaChicago vs Florida: FloridaWashington vs Pittsburgh: WashingtonWinnipeg vs Ottawa: JetsColumbus vs Detroit: TieCarolina vs Nashville: Tie
  7. Columbus Detroit - Late Boston Islanders - NYI Winnipeg Toronto- WPG Buffalo Philadelphia - Philly Carolina Nashville - Caro Montreal Edmonton- Tie
  8. Anyone know why Mattias Norlinder is still unsigned? I'm not aware of any rules like the KHL where a guy can't be signed in both, just curious as he seems to be highly a valued prospect
  9. Late Fla vs chi - tie
  10. Boston New Jersey Boston Montreal Edmonton Tie Islanders Rangers Nyr Carolina Detroit Carolina toronto Ottawa Toronto Columbus Nashville Tie
  11. Washington Buffalo: Buff Pittsburgh Philly: Philly Chicago Tampa: Tampa Toronto Ottawa: Toronto Dallas Florida Postponed
  12. Wrong day HRF, these were yesterdays (14th) games
  13. Washington vs Buffalo: Buff Boston vs New Jersey: Bos NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: NYR Carolina vs Detroit: Carolina Columbus vs Nashville: Nashville
  14. Plus the pp that didn't score still had 4 shots on net, much improved but the smallest of sample sizes