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  1. Very glad
  2. to be fair, it's $4.5 AAV
  3. Exactly this
  4. He'll mid 41 mid-season and from looking at his stats last year was his last. I'd say and hope there's NO chance he plays a game with us
  5. True and good point but that also involves more work (function/appearances, commercial/ photo gigs etc)
  6. But for elite players making $10 or close, 5% is still $500,000 per year not chump change
  7. Wondering, anyone know if we can still trade for Aho before ‘canes actually match the offer?
  8. "within the timeframe allowed by the League's Collective Bargaining Agreement." Is what he's quoted as saying, so they'll probably wait a few days. Either way I'm glad MB did it, worst case is Aho becomes a UFA in 5 years thanks to us Edit: I quoted the wrong person; sorry..
  9. Didn’t the canes just basically buy the leafs 2020 1st in the marleau deal? I’m assuming they covet 1st round picks and hopefully are not into spending any more money on top of the marleau buyout
  10. If he’s still here it hopefully means we’re winning
  11. Pray they get fleeced
  12. I'd be happy drafting any of those 3 D mentioned. Or if Podkolzin happened to drop this far, even Knight I'm ok with as by the time we'll need him or Cayden they should be ready and if nothing else it's a good trading piece. I'll trust what the boys (TT and MB) do, my only fear is picking Lavoie at 15; not because I don't like his game but because of the pressure. If we somehow obtained another 1st then by all means get him.
  13. JK, due primarily to Domi's less productive seasons in ARZ but very close
  14. congrats Habs93 and special thanks to Cenner for looking after us all season.
  15. Been fun for sure, good luck. I really hope you’re correct