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  1. You failed to mention the Logan Mailloux fiasco
  2. Never dull being a habs fan….
  3. I'd say yes pick #20 (for arguments sake) will be better than KK, especially when you take into account the cap $ that can be spent elsewhere. 2022 is a very deep draft Also, if you're focusing your attention on winning a cup for Price or Petry , you risk your scenario of missing the playoffs for 10 years. I'm ok with losing this year, if Weber intends to return in 22-23 then lets tank and make a serious run the next season. Maybe I'm just still on a high from beating TO and making the finals but I'm ok with it. KK holds his fate now, if we match I don't see him signing an extension for less $ with us, and then whats his trade value? basically nothing. He's going to be berated by our fans wherever he plays, so let him go.
  4. I really like Bergy, yes I've been sour at times but I think he's made some great signings and trades. Maybe his draft record isn't the best but considering where we usual pick he's done well imo. He just seems to fail when drafting for need (Chucky-C, McCarron-Big body, KK-C) instead of BPA . And those misses get magnified when it's 3OA. I'm glad he's hard balling players, KK hasn't really shown that much and with very little to no progression. I'm for letting him walk, seeing where we stand this season and having a stellar draft at home. Also, have to remember that if Caro losses 1st and 3rd they don't have much "bait" to get better during the season for a good playoff run, if they're even in the hunt. This could very well be there only move.
  5. I'm not into debating or anything but I think you'd need to adjust those numbers with this upcoming draft class, and although "likely" a late pick with their roster moves this off-season stranger things have happened
  6. Going after Necas or not, I think the Canes will be forced to extend him for more $ than they were hoping for as the threat of an offer sheet will undoubtedly be brought up by his agent. I also think the Poehling signing just a day before this offer sheet was signed shows that MB probably had a feeling that it was in the works. It'd be nice to have a poll added to this thread to see where we all stand. Any news as to when MB will be making a statement?
  7. Yeah I'd be booing for sure (all in good fun, I don't blame him for chasing $) but if you don't want to sign with the team that chose you well ahead of where you were projected to go, kept you in on the opening day roster, and developed you, then go enjoy Carolina. Question: Can the team (Mtl or Car) extend him for less than what next years qualifying offer would have to be ($6mil plus)?
  8. $5,473,630 according to capfriendly https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canadiens
  9. MB has been so painfully inactive thus far that I believe he must be trying to pull off an Eichel type deal or relatively similar.
  10. Even without the criminal stuff was Logan even ranked to be taken in the 1st round?
  11. You weren’t invited to this party. Maybe you can leave
  12. I was 19 but still remember the ‘86 cup more
  13. non-hockey fans just looking for air conditioning without the slot machines in the background. Wasn't it 42C there on Monday?
  14. I think we could improve on what the Wild did to Vegas. Would be extra nice to beat Patches and Fleury too
  15. I can't seem to shake the feeling our "4th line" will form a line for the leafs next season. Dubas is salivating watching these guys
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