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  1. He might be too, hopefully he won’t be thinking of going back to Russia where he gets to play more
  2. I’d have much more respect for Scheif if he owned his mistake and stop saying he was trying to play the puck. Obvious to everyone that he wasn’t. Man up, own it and admit the error in judgement and we can all move on
  3. I always thought that being near the end of the game made a difference too. What's the point of a 5 and a 10 when there's less than a minute left in the game?
  4. Same With phone hearing being 5 or less and in-person being more than 5, where would a series suspension fall? Or do they not do that anymore?
  5. An entire team effort yesterday. I didn't get to see games 5 or 6, so i don't know who individually played great but I have to give love to Armia and Chiarot last night, they just seemed to be dialed in and played mistake free.
  6. Montreal vs. Toronto: Toronto Carolina vs. Nashville: OT Nashville
  7. Pittsburgh Islanders OT Pitt Florida Tampa Tampa Vegas Minnesota Vegas
  8. Other than age, I haven't been able to notice a difference in CJ or DD
  9. Toronto vs. Montreal: TorontoNashville vs. Carolina: Carolina
  10. NY Islanders vs. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Toronto vs. Montreal: Toronto Tampa Bay vs. Florida: TBEdmonton vs. Winnipeg: Oilers Minnesota vs. Las Vegas: OT Wild
  11. I’m too close to my honourable opponent, so I’ll switch to OT oilers
  12. Carolina Nashville Carolina Colorado St. Louis StL Boston Washington Wash Edmonton Winnipeg Oilers
  13. Florida Tampa Tampa Pittsburgh Islanders OT Isles Montreal Toronto Toronto Vegas Minnesota Minnesota
  14. Washington vs. Boston: BostonCarolina vs. Nashville: CarolinaWinnipeg vs. Edmonton: JetsColorado vs. St Louis: Colorado
  15. Florida Tampa TB Pittsburgh Islanders Isles Montreal Toronto Tor Vegas Minnesota OT Wild
  16. Washington Boston Boston Nashville Carolina Carolina Winnipeg Edmonton OT Oilers St. Louis Colorado Colorado
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