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  1. Emile Poirier, Hunter Shinkaruk, and Tyler Wotherspoon on wiavers. I always thought Poirier would be a decent player, we'll see if any get scooped up
  2. could we not get the 1st overall in a deal with NJ? Or is that a big step backwards? Then sign a UFA Dman or obtain a lesser one with other assets
  3. I wasn't trying to say winning 4-1 would help the team, i think it would have helped Max.
  4. Going back to Game 3, up 3-1 late with net empty Max and Rad were basically on a 2 on 1 and Rad went way off-side. I felt that was a big potential turning point in the series, Max should have scored an easy empty net goal lifting this "monkey" off his back. I'm afraid this so called drought may get to him and negatively effect our club. I hope i'm very wrong though but that innocent offside may be more, imo
  5. I didn't see an elbow on the replay, high hit yes but no elbow. Also, should be noted that this is Thorntons last week in the NHL, he's old and his contract is done
  6. I think it's because we gave them very little to talk about. Media will always label a winner who gets the big names no matter what goes the other way.
  7. I'm pleased with the minor moves, too often trade dealine deals backfire. Post season is always a different game where size/muscle/toughness pay huge dividends. Now, if we can just get there with our main core healthy
  8. Question for you people. Has anyone heard of a deal that the player veto'ed yesterday, supposedly someone didn't want to come to montreal. When i got in my car yesterday afternoon Calgary radio host said, "he" reportedly just axed a deal to go to montreal but I missed who the "he" was and they never went back to it.
  9. and our 1st, but i'd personally rather sub Juulsen with Beaulieu
  10. http://www.tsn.ca/habs-fire-therrien-name-julian-head-coach-1.671780
  11. boom Mt fired, Hello Claude Julien http://www.tsn.ca/habs-fire-therrien-name-julian-head-coach-1.671780
  12. Agree fully. We are not close to being a true contender, sure "anything" can happen in the playoffs but let's be real, we are not anything above an average team.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure they haven't forgotten that either. I really liked it
  14. I'd expect to see some sort of pay back attempt after the 10-1 we laid them. I hope we're ready for it, but I can see us not being prepared at all.
  15. wow, 'yotes shooting for the moon. I guess it's worth a shot but if that's the price they ask and with the debacle B.Burke was talking about regarding the Hamilton leaked rumours this new gm sure isn't making any friends.
  16. In theory i'd be ok with that trade but we don't have the cap room. Unless they eat cap and take DD
  17. I think a 3rd would be more than enough for iggy, I'd expect the market for him to be pretty weak @ $5.333. He just hasn't shown he can go anywhere and produce like you'd expect of him, ie. boston, Pitt...
  18. I'd also pass on Yak as I expect Oilers would want more than I'm comfortable giving. Only way I'd take Yak is if we first sign Stamkos to play top line center, then we fleece the oil with a 2nd round pick or something low-risk. Then yak and Galchenyuk can make up our 2nd line.
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