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  1. I'm unable to post with my phone for some reason Saturday NYR v Philly - Philly Buf v Boston - Boston CBJ v Det - Tie Tampa v Carolina - Carolina Edmonton v Toronto - Tor NYI v Pittsburgh - Tie Florida v Dallas - Florida Sunday NYR v Washington - Nyr CBJ v Det - Tie NJ v Boston - Boston Florida v Dallas - Florida
  2. 6-3 Final, CC with 2 goals 1 assist, 13 shots and a -2
  3. The Montreal Canadiens have acquired centre Eric Staal from the Buffalo Sabres for 2021 third and fifth-round draft picks.
  4. Islanders Boston Boston Rangers Philadelphia Tie New Jersey Washington Washington Carolina Columbus Carolina Toronto Ottawa Toronto Buffalo Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Florida Chicago Florida Detroit Nashville Nashville Tampa Dallas Tampa
  5. New Jersey Philadelphia Philly Florida Chicago Flo Detroit Nashville Detroit Tampa Dallas Tampa
  6. Buffalo Rangers Rangers Carolina Columbus Canes Edmonton Montreal Edmonton Calgary Ottawa Calgary Islanders Philadelphia Tie
  7. Pittsburgh New Jersey Pitt Nashville Florida Florida Chicago Tampa Tampa Rangers Washington NYR Philadelphia Islanders Tie Columbus Carolina Carolina Dallas Detroit Detroit Vancouver Montreal Montreal Calgary Toronto Tie
  8. Rangers Washington NYR Vancouver Montreal Tie Calgary Toronto Toronto
  9. Pittsburgh vs New Jersey: Pittsburgh Boston vs Buffalo: Boston Philadelphia vs NY Islanders: Tie Columbus vs Carolina: Carolina Chicago vs Tampa Bay: Tie Nashville vs Florida: Florida Dallas vs Detroit: Dallas
  10. Vancouver vs Ottawa: Vancouver Philadelphia vs NY Rangers: Philly Montreal vs Winnipeg Tie
  11. Buffalo vs New Jersey: Tie NY Islanders vs Washington: Isles Boston vs Pittsburgh: Bruins Carolina vs Detroit: Carolina Tampa Bay vs Dallas: Dallas
  12. Nashville Tampa Tampa Washington Buffalo Washington Philadelphia Rangers Rangers Chicago Florida Florida Boston Pittsburgh Boston Vancouver Ottawa Vancouver Montreal Winnipeg Winnipeg
  13. Carolina Detroit Canes Dallas Columbus Dallas Islanders New Jersey Tie Toronto Ottawa Toronto
  14. I don’t see us being sellers, we do that and MB is out of a job. Very disappointed in this team right now, no heart/soul/identity. Even though we hope, we (must of) all knew we were losing tonight midway through the first. Same old year in year out, every season is the same script; great out of the gates then the long stretches of suck with occasional glimpse of brilliance but never lasts. When was the last time weber showed signs of caring, how about Price? Drouin? Anyone? How is it i care more sitting on my couch then this entire team does?
  15. Rangers Boston Boston Montreal Calgary Tie Pittsburgh Buffalo PIttsburgh Islanders New Jersey Islanders Washington Philadelphia Tie Nashville Tampa Tampa Chicago Florida Florida Winnipeg Toronto Toronto
  16. Rangers Boston Boston Pittsburgh Buffalo Pittsburgh New Jersey Islanders Islanders Washington Philadelphia Tie Nashville Carolina Carolina Florida Columbus Florida Winnipeg Toronto Tie Tampa Detroit Tampa Montreal Calgary Calgary
  17. It’d be nice to get Frolik in tonight against his old team that dogged him last year, he’d be very motivated
  18. Rangers Pittsburgh Pitt Boston Islanders Tie Buffalo Philadelphia Philadelphia New Jersey Washington Washington Nashville Carolina Carolina Florida Columbus Florida Winnipeg Toronto Winnipeg Tampa Detroit Tampa
  19. Ottawa vs Edmonton: Edmonton Montreal vs Vancouver: Van
  20. Buffalo Islanders Islanders Tampa Chicago Tampa Florida Carolina Tie New Jersey Boston Boston Washington Philadelphia Philly Rangers Pittsburgh Pitt Ottawa Calgary Flames
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