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  1. Rangers New Jersey NYR Buffalo Islanders Isle Philadelphia Pittsburgh Tie Florida Nashville Florida Toronto Vancouver Toronto Winnipeg Montreal Jets Columbus Dallas Dallas
  2. Buffalo vs NY Islanders: Islanders NY Rangers vs New Jersey: Tie Detroit vs Carolina: Carolina Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh: Philly Winnipeg vs Montreal: Jets Tampa Bay vs Chicago: Tampa Florida vs Nashville: Florida Columbus vs Dallas: Tie Ottawa vs Calgary: Calgary Toronto vs Vancouver Tor
  3. NY Islanders vs New Jersey: Islanders Buffalo vs NY Rangers: Buff Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh: Tie Detroit vs Columbus: Det Ottawa vs Montreal: Montreal Carolina vs Nashville: Carolina Tampa Bay vs Dallas: Tampa Bay
  4. That's exactly it, and why I just can't understand some coaches. The unwillingness to try a change even for a game or 2, what's the big deal? They'll scratch Tatar but are unwilling to move someone else "down" a lineup even for a game. Just call it moving Lehks and Armia up instead of Dano down, are egos really that high? Sit Price for a few (although i think DD has no choice anymore), scratch Chariot; you do it with Kulak, Mete, and Romanov why is Chariot so special? He's not better or more valuable than any of them. These guys get paid ridiculous guaranteed money, too much to be whining about a roster move in one or two of a 59 game sason. 59 games, why can't some be experimental. If DD is unwilling to make a calculated move like that, he isn't getting my respect and will most likely end his and MBs tenure with the team. I'll end my coach rant here.
  5. Carolina Florida Florida Calgary Ottawa Calgary Toronto Edmonton Edm
  6. Seems so simple and perfect, why can’t the coaches realize this already
  7. Philadelphia Boston Boston Washington New Jersey Washington Calgary Ottawa Flames Columbus Nashville Columbus Toronto Edmonton Edm Pittsburgh Islanders Islanders Dallas Tampa Tampa Carolina Florida Carolina Detroit Chicago Chicago Montreal Winnipeg Jets
  8. Ask Joel Quenville. Ducharme really has no choice imo
  9. Habs Projected Lines vs. JetsTatar - Danault - GallagherDrouin - Suzuki - AndersonToffoli - Kotkaniemi - PerryLehkonen - Byron - ArmiaChiarot - WeberEdmundson - PetryKulak - RomanovPriceAllenScratches: Evans, Mete as per tsn
  10. Boston vs NY Islanders: Boston Pittsburgh vs Washington: Tie Carolina vs Tampa Bay: Carolina Dallas vs Florida: Florida Chicago vs Columbus: Columbus Calgary vs Ottawa: Ott New Jersey vs Buffalo: Buffalo Nashville vs Detroit: Nashville Montreal vs Winnipeg: Montreal
  11. Carolina vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Dallas vs Florida: Florida NY Rangers vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto
  12. Explain please, what website
  13. Buffalo New Jersey Tie Pittsburgh Washington Tie Chicago Columbus Columbus Montreal Ottawa Montreal
  14. "Playing not to lose" is on the coaching staff. I think his words are a direct shot at CJ and I approve of his message. At this point a few monkeys could most likely improve our PP, PK and overall strategy. I'm personally sick of trying to hold a small lead instead of trying to increase that lead. That said I also think we've had some unbelievably bad puck luck lately, I'm not even sure Batherson shot the puck on that first goal while we seem to be hitting everyone's skate blades and rebounds stop right in front of the goalie.
  15. Regarding that OT winner; I've gotta say, never have I seen 3 players simultaneously skate away from an opposing player so close to our net. 17, 41, 27? wtf was that about
  16. Dallas vs Florida: Florida Tampa Bay vs Carolina: Tampa Buffalo vs NY Islanders: Islanders Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto
  17. New Jersey Washington Washington Montreal Ottawa Montreal Philadelphia Boston Boston
  18. Buffalo New Jersey Nj Rangers Washington Washington Florida Detroit Florida Islanders Pittsburgh Tie Nashville Columbus Col Toronto Montreal To Tampa Carolina Tampa
  19. Chicago vs Carolina: Tie Florida vs Detroit: Florida
  20. Anyone else having issues with this site on their phone? I'm forced to scroll way down passed 31 large team logos to see these threads, maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  21. New Jersey vs Boston: Boston NY Rangers vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh: Tie Nashville vs Columbus: Columbus Ottawa vs Toronto: Toronto Buffalo vs Washington: Washington
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