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  1. hah, well i'm off to bed but you can be damn sure i'm gonna be expecting it by tomorrow morning!
  2. Thanks, but call me Danny. And i'm not great at anything, just extremely bored with too much free time on my hands. I'm a wannabe photoshop pro
  3. here's a begin one... not the greatest, i'm tired and lazy.. plus the rest of my summer collection 2006
  4. Yeah i agree with you. Anyways, if anyone wants my Koivu one, it's up for grabs
  5. Hey all, which of the following banners should I keep for my signature? (Keep in mind i'm no photoshop expert) this one: or the one currently in my sig?
  6. my new signature banner is my new artwork. i'm not exactly a photoshop expert but i enjoy the challenge of teaching myself
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