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  1. Right now....I am listening to the radio broadcast of the Hamilton Bulldogs playing the Toronto Marlies.
  2. Trans Siberian Orchestra's new CD "Night Castle" Saw them perform live last night in Hamilton....AMAZING CONCERT!!!!!
  3. I have a dog, an English Fox Hound, named Tac. His situation is similar.....got him from the animal shelter and he, too, appears not to have had a very good life with his previous owner.
  4. 6 games played 4 wins 1 OT loss 1 SO loss 2 shutouts 1.28 GAA 0.949 %
  5. I've given up on the other forum....I think it's dead. If it reopens, I will be back. Until then, I have picked up some fan forum duties and some Bulldogs writing duties elsewhere.
  6. The October 9 game vs Rockford is the Bulldogs home opener in HAMILTON.
  7. I don't think that Pyatt needs to clear waivers.
  8. Strictly personal observation. I have season tickets with the Bulldogs and noticed serious attitude from Sergei when he was sent down last year. Hopefully he smartens up this time around. The new Bulldogs coaching staff will not have time for Segei's whoa is me, feel sorry for me, I am an aNHL superstar and am better than everybody else attitude which he exhibited last year.
  9. Montreal can keep Sergei. He was a cancer in the Bulldogs dressing room last year when he was sent down.
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