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  1. I think this guy has the inside line to start as the 7th D-man. It's between him and Diaz in my opinion. With Diaz being new to NA, I'd give the edge to Woywitka. He never looked nervous or made a stupid play out there as far as I could tell. He also looked very happy to score and seemed to love the atmosphere at the Bell Centre. Probably grateful to be a Hab, and rightfully so.
  2. I cannot find one source that says that he will be playing next season for his Swedish team. All the articles I've read say that he is signed with the Canadiens for next year. Even NHL.com has him listed as a member of the Canadiens.
  3. I'm pretty sure that he will be at rookie camp. His contract with the Canadiens is from 2009-10 to 2011-12, so he should be there. Where were you getting your info from?
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