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  1. QUESTIONS: GAME #4 - DEVILS @ CANADIENS MATCHUP STYLE Answers accepted until puck drop - Sun, Jan 27 2013 - 6:00 PM 2 points for correct answer in favor of the Habs 1 point per correct answer in favor of the Devils Who scores first? HABS or DEVILS Who gets more shots on net? BOURQUE or MATTEAU Who gets more ice time? MARKOV or KOVALCHUK Who wins more face-offs? DESHARNAIS or ZAJAC Who gets more penalty minutes? PRUST or BERNIER Who ends the game with the most hits? EMELIN or CLARKSON Who has the most blocked shots? GORGES or SALVADOR Who ends the game with the most points? PLEKANEC or ELIAS Who gets a better +/-? GIONTA (B ) or GIONTA (S) Which goalie makes more saves? HABS or DEVILS
  2. QUESTIONS: GAME #3 - CANADIENS @ CAPITALS Which Hab scores first: Pacioretty How many Habs will have time on the PK: 11 How many minor penalties will the Habs get: 5 How many hits for Bouillon: 4 Which Hab blocks a shot first (no goalie): 6 How many face offs won for Plekanec: 12 How many Habs will have more than 10 mins of play at the end of the 2nd period (no goalie): 10 How many saves in the 1st period for Price: 9 How many Habs get a star: 2 Add the jersey numbers of the Hab player with the most icetime and the one with less icetime 5 points: 152
  3. QUESTIONS: GAME #2 - PANTHERS @ CANADIENS Which Hab scores first : Galchenyuk How many goals will the Habs score in the 3rd period : 1 How many Habs get at least 3 shots on net : 3 How many PP will the Habs get : 3 How many PK will the Habs get : 4 How many minor penalties will the Habs get in the 2nd period : 1 Which Hab gets hit first : Desharnais Which Hab blocks the most shots (no goalie) : Gorges How many faceoffs taken in the 2nd period for Eller : 4 Which Habs will be on the ice when the 2nd period ends (name 3, no goalie) 5 points : Moen, Eller, Diaz
  4. My final answers! As for tomorrow's game Which Hab scores first : Pacioretty How many shots for Gionta : 4 How many goals will the Habs score on the PP : 1 How many goals will the Habs let in on the PK : 0 How many different Habs will sit in the penalty box : 3 How many Habs give at least 1 hit : 7 How many blocked shots for Gorges : 3 How many face offs taken for Desharnais : 11 At what time (EST) will the game end (+/- one minute) : 21:56 Add the jersey numbers of all the Habs players on the ice for any Habs goal (including the goalie) 5 points : 374
  5. I have to agree with you that Kaberle and Bourque stood out in a good way. I really liked what Bourque brought to the table tonight, that backhand goal was pretty sweet! Kaberle did exactly what he had to do on the PP, he put the puck on net and it squeaked through. Looked good defensively too lol!
  6. Got offered tix by my mom, but I have a football game -_-

  7. Chip Kelly to coach the Eagles! Can't wait to see how he adapts his offense.
  8. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie That is, team could play underage junior for 5 games without burning a year of his entry level contract. A 6th game, tho, would burn year. Usually it's the 10 game rule. The prospect gets 9 games, if he plays the 10th it burns a year of the ELC.
  9. No doubbt, but keeping the old rule of 9 games he would be able to play about 21% of the games this year. Lowering it to 5 games in a 48 game season pretty much brings it on pace with the 9 games in a complete 82 game season.
  10. Bob McKenzie is reporting that junior players can get a 5 game tryout, if they play a 6th it burns a year off their ELC. Edit: Obviously it's back to the 9 game rule next season.
  11. Damn, that means the tickets I have from the 10 game pack I bought with friends won't be any good!
  12. I almost feel bad for those who tought ND had a legit shot. I called a blowout by Bama!
  13. I think it'll probably be something like this Pac-DD-Cole Bourque-Plekanec-Gionta Gomez-Eller-Moen Prust-White-Armstrong I don't think Gallagher is ready yet, although he did great in camp before last season, he hasn't looked that great in Hamilton. Is Geoffrion back from his major injury? If Galchenyuk makes the team, I think White gets scratched, Gomez centers the 4th line, and Gally plays 2nd or 3rd line LW. Edit: And I haven't heard anything about Diaz, Emelin, Weber not coming back.
  14. A few quotes from Therrien about Galchenyuk in an Eric Engels interview That really scares me. There's no way would playing with Moen/Prust/Armstrong/White be a good move for his development. If he makes the team, in the worst case I would want him with Eller on the 3rd line but also have him see some PP time. Anything less just doesn't make much sense for his development IMO.
  15. Interesting. We already have 7 returning defensemen (assuming we sign PK) from last year + Bouillon.
  16. I have 2 questions 1. Will this thread get locked right before the season? Just wondering if I'll be able to edit some answers since the lineup isn't set. 2. If no one gets a hat trick, does everyone get points or do only the people who indicated no one get points? Just want to make sure haha!
  17. WHO WILL BE THE FIRST HAB PLAYER (TO): Take the first face-off of the season : David Desharnais Score 15 goals : Max Pacioretty Score 20 assists : David Desharnais Score 30 points : Tomas Plekanec Get the first fighting major : Travis Moen Get 100 shots on goal : Eric Cole Scratched from the starting line-up : Le jeune Vébaire Called up from the minors : Louis Leblanc Get to 50 hits : Alexei Emelin Get to 50 blocked shots (no goalie) : Josh Gorges Finish a game with +/- +3 : Max Pacioretty Finish a game with +/- -3 : Tomas Kaberle Win the first round of the Molson Cup : Carey Price Miss a game due to injury : Colby Armstrong Score 4 points in a game : Tomas Plekanec Score on the PP : PK Subban Score short handed : Tomas Plekanec Score in overtime : Tomas Plekanec Score in shootout : David Desharnais Score a hat trick : Max Pacioretty
  18. I haven't heard anything about a tryout. They're inviting him to camp, but he'll have barely a couple of days to prove he's worth a shot. If he makes the team or gets a tryout, he better be playing top 6 minutes, or top 9 minutes with some PP time. Sticking him in a defensive role would make absolutely no sense. But again, IMO, there's no reason to have him in Montreal for a shortened season.
  19. I'd rather Galchenyuk stay in Sarnia. IMO, there's no reason to burn a year off his ELC and a year off his free agency eligibility for a shortened season.
  20. Wow, haven't been on here in forever! What's going on people?

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      It really is! But I hope to have it figured out in the near future :)

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  21. Miss you guys! School and work are killing me right now, don't have much time to post...Can't wait for the semester to be over!

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      Just hurry up & get back here! lol

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      ^ What he said

  22. From my trip to Mexico in 09, I haven't changed except for the hair being shorter haha! I really don't take many pics
  23. His defensive game is great, but the thing is, he doesn't bring much else to the table..for now anyways. I think he just needs a little time to adjust to the NHL's level of play. The main thing he needs to improve are his faceoffs. As a defensive 4th liner, we need him to be winning more draws than he's losing. Overall this season, he's gone 16/43 (37.2%). He really needs to be around the 50% for him to be useful to the team. If he could somehow become a faceoff specialist, that would be huge for the team. In 09-10 with Djurgardens, he scored 14 goals, 12 assists for 26 points. So we know he can bring a little offense. Can he be around the 10-10 mark would be good production for a 4th liner. He's not a very physical guy, so I wouldn't expect that to change anytime. He'll never be that tough 4th line player many people want. But I think if we just give him a little time, he can develop into a good 4th liner. His defensive game is where it needs to be, just needs to improve faceoffs and bring a little offense. I believe in this guy!
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