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  1. Yes I PVR'd the game and that stat was for the last 3 seasons!!! I couldn't believe it. Next on the list was Luongo at .964. The rest were Anderson at .954, Bryzgalov at .953 and Vokoun at .951. Also stated that prior to the game Price allowed 4g on 143 shots so far this season. That's why he will be the starter for Canada next year at the Olympics in Sochi.
  2. correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure he played his last junior year with the Vancouver Giants of the WHL so if he didn't make the cut he would end up in Hamilton
  3. I agree, he has improved alot this year also and deserves a roster spot at the moment Wow, meaning Lats is in instead of Chipchura. Will he ever spend a game in the pressbox
  4. Very nice to hear, now if only we played Carle instead of MAB I'd have alot more faith in JM He fits well with Pleks....Put them with someone who actually has offensive talent and skill and I bet they would be an effective line....Lats has done less than Andrei has so far this year, IMO
  5. Agreed on all points! I'm glad someone else noticed all those easy tap in passes to lats from chips too. Chips has played good and sticks up for his teammates when needed. He handles himself just fine and isn't a fighter in the first place
  6. I agree with ya 100%. The fact that chips was playing just fine and lats does nothing but coast is not fair at all. I really am starting to question JM because lats over chips, Bergeron over Carle are stupid decisions and I can see it very clear and I've never coached hockey before. I mean think about it, how is someone supposed to want to play for a team that rewards and punishes the wrong people
  7. exactly my point, it just boggles the mind.
  8. Amen brotha I Can't understand it either...Chips is way more effective than Lats IMO
  9. He has been playing very well the past few games, Heres to another good one tonight!
  10. I would like to see him given a chance on the first instead of moen
  11. I think he has some bruised ribs. I'd expect him back for either Colorado or Ottawa for sure
  12. I'm excited to see how his shoulder has healed up and to see what he is capable of doing this year. Good luck tonight Kyle!
  13. I think this year we will have a much better team attitude with JM as coach, sergei needs to play like that to be successful.
  14. As long as he stays focused and disiplined and is given fair ice time and at least decent linemates I think it will be a break out year for him. Very excited about this years team!
  15. He is said to be a combination of the two kostitsyns, which sounds incredible! But as far as other nhl plyers I'm not sure
  16. I agree he probably won't get many points but it can be a very good thing he has no one to play with..that will give him some leadership qualities and moving up to the big leagues he won't be that player who gets his points through other players and I think it will make him a great player for those reasons because instead of relying on players to get him going he will think hes got to do the work which will be a great quality IMO. I'm very eager to watch this kid develop as I think he has alot of talent and potential...adding the hard work, grit and leadership he will learn from the whl and the team he is on should make him one heck of a player I hope.
  17. I think it should be a great place to develop...being most likely the star or one of the stars of the team he should get a lot of ice time and also have to create offence for himself so we will really see what hes made off....the whl is the best place for him to go too because as a european he can play in the most defenisve and toughest league in the chl which should add some toughness and grit to that great speed and skill set he has
  18. A combination of the kostitsyn brothers! If he turns out to be half of what they expect he will be the steal of the draft IMHO
  19. wow 3rd overall in the chl, meaning he was chosen first overall in the whl! I bet this trunev kid turns out to be quite the player. Gotta give props to mr. timmins and of course gainey on yet another great pick
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