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  1. Surragates 6/10 The Hurt Locker was good but the camera movement started to make me sick lol.
  2. You're right, but Koivu has a more consistant career than Pleks, who seems to only show up every now and again. This season Plek's has been way better than Koivu, but I expect Pleks will fade away by the end of the season, or if not, early next season. I've caught about a hand full of Ducks games. He's not producing tons, but I don't think he's playing bad, from what I've seen. He's not making stupid mistakes and he's made some nice passes. He's playing a second line role, and his speed looks good. You can always tell he's on the ice because he's ALL OVER the ice. Sucks that his effort isn't resulting in more points, but the team as a whole is struggling right now anyway.
  3. I caught the game vs. the Flames last night and Koivu looked pretty good. He didn't pick up any points but I read he was 65.2 per cent in the faceoff circle. He also got a fair bit of ice time with 21:56 and had four shots. He looked better than the last Ducks game I watched. He had bounce, speed and was seriously all over the place last night.
  4. He'd be sixth on the Habs with points if he still played here...now that's pathetic.
  5. I didn't say he carried the team and single handedly won us games, I said he was exciting to watch. Even when the rest of the team played dead, he gave it his all. It may not have won us games, but it was more exciting than the snorefest Gainey's put on the ice today. And with that said, the All-Star Break slump wasn't Koivu's fault, Price went into a bad slump and took the team down with him. Like you said the Habs have been a mediocre hockey team for more than a decade, but Koivu was part of the team that finished first in the East not that long ago, which was our best finish in a long time. Even without Koivu this team stinks. It's not like we traded him and improved. We're worse this year than last.
  6. The team looks dead without him. No matter how bad our slump was or how crappy our team was, whenever Koivu hit the ice he gave 100 per cent and that was always exciting to watch. Now the team looks sluggish, and when we're down by a couple goals our zillion dollar top line takes a holiday, while our "energy line" naps on the bench. The Habs of 2009/2010 are a sad group of hockey players.
  7. I agree. I don't like this Habs team at all. After Roy left I had this gap where I didn't really have a favourite player, then along came the zit-faced, young Koivu, he was my favourite since the day he took to the ice with the Habs. Now that he's gone, I have that gap again, only I don't see any potentials to fill it. Koivu wasn't the Rocket as far as skill goes, but he was the heart... Kovalev, though I liked to bag on him, was exciting... The current Habs team is like watching re-runs .... ohh, no one's gunna score, we have no heart, no flare, no one exciting, our d is going to cough the puck up and our goalies are going to continue to play average. Sure Koivu isn't tearing it up with the Ducks, but at least he was fun to watch.
  8. I'm a huge Koivu fan, but I don't think he was ever a first line centre. IMO and his stats back this up, he had better seasons post-cancer, than before. Not to mention his career year (thus far) was after he returned from his knee and cancer. I still miss this guy though. The heart and soul of the team. Injury, they're not expecting him to miss much time tho.
  9. I don't think Koivu is a Habs legend, but he deserves more credit than he's getting. It's not like he had the impact of Bonk or something. And your GP referrence makes no sense. Lafleur played 961 games, Beliveau 1,125 games, Henri Richard, 1,256, the Rocket 978, Larry Robinson 1,202...Gainey played 1,160.... So you're saying that because they've played a lot of games with a lot of points and success it doesn't make them legends? Say it about Koivu, you're saying it about those guys too.
  10. 6 pts in 6 games.... I figured he'd pick it up, he's always been a pretty slow starter. I would say our new "big line" isn't much of an improvement on Koivu and they come with a much larger price tag. Gomez - 10 pts Cammy - 14 pts Gionta - 10 pts And Koivu has 8 - with quit the pay drop from those three. Just a thought.
  11. That's such a horrid comment to make, because it shows that you haven't took the time to look at Koivu's stats with the Habs, or care to make a knowledgeable comment regarding his skill. He's 10th on the list for all time points with the Habs, his name ranks with players like Boom Boom, Shutt, Lemaire, Cournoyer, Robinson, Maurice and Henri Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur. Some of which, played more games with the Habs than Saku. BTW he had 641 points. He's sixth on the all time roster for assists, the only ones in front of him - Lemaire, Robinson, Henri Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur. And for being a playmaker, not a goal scorer, he's 27th for goals - again, among some of the teams best players. Also, he's 7th on the team with game winning goals - with 35 of them. So really, you bash him for lack of skill you're bashing some of the greats with this team. Again, research before you post - he's done a lot for the City of Montreal off the ice, but he's held his own on the ice, especially for being a smaller player, plagued with injury.
  12. I would have kept Kovy and Koivu for sure. Tanguay and Komi didn't really bring a whole lot. I like some of the new players on the team. I love the addition of Cammy, not so much Gomez.
  13. He'll turn it around. The whole team is struggling right now, check the stats for the team. It's not like he's underachieving an a team that's doing well, the team itself is struggling. I think the Ducks will settle in and have a pretty good team come Christmas.
  14. I think he's OK. He's a mile up on Breezer, and 100 miles up on Gill. IF he can generate some offense on the PP then kudos to him.
  15. They haven't had a good team since Roy left, they have to overpay average to decent players to get them to play here - limiting what we can have on the team. Every year is the same, "Ohh, the Habs are a fantastic team this year..." Second round playoff exit. THat's what I meant about the deadend comment. We'be bascially been the same team since 1994.
  16. A couple mistakes, but he's scoring goals. That's a lot more than we can say for most of our defensive core.
  17. Agreed. Prior to him signing with the Ducks and prior to BG stating that Koivu wasn't in the plans for the Habs he kept saying over and over that he'd love to stay here. Like I said before, what's he supposed to say? "Well I really wanted to stay with the Habs, but since it didn't work out the Ducks will do."? That's all it is, is your theory. My theory is that the Habs will win the cup this year... See a theory from a fan means nothing.
  18. I can't find the link on youtube right now, but there was in interview Koivu did from his home and his kids and wife were also part of it. It aired during an intermission on CBC last season where he talked about how he wanted to remain in Montreal and that it was his home... Sooo, obviously he hadn't decided to move on during last season if this aired mid-way through... I dont' care if it's true or not true, either way I still love Koivu. However, if it is true and he did want to leave I wouldn't hold it against him, this team is a dead end...
  19. I actually like MAB, despite most people ripping on him. I think he's been decent with us.
  20. Oh, I've seen that before. This was after he was already a Duck and Gainey decided not to re-sign him. What else is he gunna say? Prior to the decision not to resign him, he did an interview with CBC about how he wanted to remain in Montreal, he loved it there and it was home. It's totally different than him in negotiations with the Habs and him coming out and saying that he "wanted a change," which he never did prior to being not re-signed.
  21. I've never read anything about that. The only thing I read and saw was interviews with him saying he would like to stay in MTL...
  22. You don't know how much I agree with you... It still makes me shake my head to know we let him walk right out the door.
  23. I don't really like SK but at this point...I'd take just about anyone over Chips.
  24. Wow, Chip's is horrid... When you don't notice that a forward is even playing until the last few seconds of a game when you see him sitting on the bench - that's not a good sign. Back to the AHL...
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