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  1. I don't care if he brings four bodyguards, a sword, six crusaders and wears chain male...bottom line is on a team of guys that rarely drop gloves...I like the fact he has been sticking up for his teamates. That in itself if of some value. Love his faceoffs just needs to work on defensive play and IMO, he's got a position on the 4th line. Send him to fighting lessons in the offseason and turn him into a decent fighter that can play...otherwise we write off our 1st round pick...
  2. Too bad for the first time ever I was enjoying him. Not everything about him but his standing up for teamates was nice to see. Coul dof used that tonight
  3. I agree to a a point. Our PP has hard times setting up because we are too small. We dump it around and never win the battles. Ever notice that once we have possession, the smurf line can cycle like mad and create things. They are fast enough and don't need to be big. BUT they need possession. Need someone that can retrieve puck and get possession to let them start the cyclone...
  4. I was hoping for a buy out or put him on waivers looking at your lineup in the off season. I can admit when I am wrong. Forget the pts and the passes...if this guy shows up and hits and digs like this when he is sick?????? WOW!!!! I WAS WRONG!!!!
  5. Everyone has to let it be...he is here for one reason and one reason only. His offence. We have to take the bad with the good. His no look pass from behind our net is bad, his heads up breakout passes are good....his small stature and weak play down low is bad...his bullet is good. Bottom line is if he matches his 14 goals last year.. I am happy and can take his FEW blunders in our own end. If Martin uses him properly, can't see why he can't play 14 15 mins a game
  6. As much as it sucked..kind of hard not to laugh at it. That happens to everyone. Just oo bad it was his first game on a team that can't buy a goal. If the posts were kinder and young Pavelec was not playing out of his mind, no one would of said anything. On a good note, his pinching on the PP looked good, will get his timing back. We all knew he was not being brought in to shut anyone down...but hopefully sooner than later can make our dismal PP like twice as effective...hmm maybe 6%
  7. VERY rusty..but I have watched him in Edmonton and Minny. He will be fine. Hasn't played NHL caliber since early last april.
  8. Not really why he was signed....more of help to alleviate the loss of a top 5 dman in the league. Not many teams would be able to deal with the loss of their top guy (top player in the league) internally. Everyone gives the Pitss gonchar example. Last time I checked, they were not in the playoffs and were doing terrible by the time Gonchar came back and the coach got fired. And last time I checked, we don't have number 87 or number 71 on our team.
  9. He is not known as a defensive player but did spend a year in the really slow boring defensive style known as the Wild. So he probably learned at least how not to be a defensive liability. I am excited. We are like 2 for the last 20 on the PP if we move that to a conservative 20% we have 2 more goals and maybe one or two of the 1 goal games are not losses. PP goals do help momentum in a game as well. Here is to hoping.
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