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  1. I prefer the help at center, over a winger, even if it's Bill Guerin. I don't think he would sign for a mil. anyway. Don't get me wrong, i love Guerin, but i believe signing Halpern makes more sense for the team.
  2. I like this guy, and if he can make a positive contribution to our faceoff win percentage, then that gives us more oppertunity to control the play, which should also put us more into an attacking style (puck possesion) team. Unlike last year where we spent too much time being attacked, ( thats just 5 on 5). He's good defensively, and can chip in on the scoring as well. My only concern would be his durability. If you look at his injuries over his carreer, he's missed quite a few games due to left knee injuries, and also had surgery to his right knee. So, i believe a healthy Jeff, will be a positive addition for 600k. Here's to ya!
  3. Well, the team didn't play that great in front of him by times, thats for sure. Anyway, hopefully the relationship between Auld and Price is a bit more like a mentor as apposed to a compitition for a # 1 starter position.
  4. I should have known any bonuses would be added into the equation. Silly me. Thanks for clearing tha up.
  5. Can someone explain to me why Carey would deserve 2.2 mil per year? Wasn't his salary $850,000 last year? I'm not all that clear on the money side of things. I love the guy, but, i don't think he's earned much more than what the Habs are required to offer him. Not yet. I do however want to give him a little extra time to mature and improve himself though. He was drafted 5th overall for a reason, so i'm by no means going to give up on the guy. Hopefully, the kid can end up with a career like Bunny larocque (drafted 6th overall 1972) and NOT like Ray Martynuik (drafted 5th overall 1970).
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