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  1. Inter are such huge underachievers...oh boy...I'll see Roma and Udine giving them huge strides :-). I don't see Inter champions, if they will be, then...its and end to yearssss and yearssss of underachieving. G
  2. and RR are you throwing a parade already:-)???why, we are in the same boat LOL G
  3. Funny to see tomorrow how many of the new world champions will be looking for work. I guess Juve...but Milan and Fiorentina guys...hm.... I guess tough luck, if you steal and get caught you live with the punishment. G
  4. Born and grew a Viola fan, nononon no florentza:-) but Politehnica Timisoara (google it :-)) then AC Milan Man City (who the :idea: is Man Unttttttttttttttttt, who the :idea: the Man Unt :-)) and L'OM (ribeiry don't go.....) Hate Juve, Manure and PSG, Dinamo Bucharest (wished you died and went to hell commis)... That's it boys :-) Gruppo Chebec :-)
  5. Well now Milan is out, Habs are out... World Cup is looming close, so....hehehehe maybe its time to retool and take it away from there. I am going with my czechs and Italy:-) hope somebody wins this time... G
  6. I am sure beating Inter by 1-0 is no fluke... Milan had their number for years. Love the article in the Gazette today about Inter and it's stupid plays. After putting in the team 1 billion now Moratti wants to sell. Muhahahaha G from Milan :-) :twisted:
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