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  1. As I sit in my crappy cubicle at work, I once again am listening to "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains.
  2. The Pogues - "Fairytale of New York" Ronsard39, that was a nice choice - I love The Band.
  3. As I was driving this morning I was listening to Elvis Costello sing, "And I would rather be anywhere else but here today," which pretty much summed up my feelings about going to work today.
  4. Freddie King - "Hide Away" This was one of the songs my old band used to cover.
  5. ZJ, is that the guy from The Band? Right now I'm listening to the Iguanas - Nuevo Boogaloo.
  6. Sonny Boy is a fine choice, although I like (and please keep in mind this is a personal preference, not a judgement) Little Walter more. Among the harp players I've seen live, my favorite is Junior Wells, followed by Rick Estrin of Little Charlie and the Nightcats and James Cotton.
  7. Zachary-Jean, you can't go wrong with Little Walter Jacobs. Muddy Waters sure could pick harp players.
  8. Elmore James - niiiiiiice, ZJ. I'm (unapologetically) going poppy this morning and listening to Fountains of Wayne's "Out-of-State Plates."
  9. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: 1975 Hammersmith Odeon Concert zlanger, you live in Plattsburgh? I was there about a month ago. My friend and I hit the Naked Turtle (everyone in the smaller bar knew us by the time we left), "appropriated" some "Kasprzak for Mayor" signs (we have a friend with the same name), and handed out cold ones to the staff at the Comfort Inn. Ahhh, good times...
  10. Ahhh, I see we have another Rick Jenerette fan in DonFu23! I hope you enjoyed watching the Canes lose on home ice as much as I did! To get back on topic, right now I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix, Live at the Fillmore East.
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