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  1. Heya Folks, I'm not sure where to post this question and can't start a thread in some parts of the forum so it's going here. I'm going to be in Montreal this weekend and will be staying downtown. Can someone recommend a good sports bar for the game on Saturday night, November 2nd? Somewhere with lots of Habs fans. Rowdy environment. Not fighting rowdy, just lots of people having fun and enjoying the game. Thanks a million in advance.
  2. Hey folks. Lived in Montreal from 75 to 79. Important years for developing my love of hockey. Been a Habs fan ever since. A couple of years ago I was looking for a tattoo that was more Canadian than the maple leaf or the words Canada...I now have Ken Dryden tattooed on my calf. Go Habs!
  3. I was in San Jose del Cabo at Shooters when I saw this. Ken was impressed as well.
  4. Thanks HBB and GHC. Love the nick HBB. After the last playoff season I find myself hating them even more. Would love to kick that bear right in the nards.
  5. Thank you. I'm quite "attached" to it.
  6. My other tattoo, on my upper arm is a globe with travel stuff around it. I shoot travel docs. It was a cover up from last week. The tattoo underneath is a union jack with Anarchy written across it. Would have kept it but it looked like hell. I'm done with tattoos for awhile now. One is healing and the other was just done so it's the couch for me.
  7. I wanted a tattoo that said I was a Canadian for when I'm travelling abroad, something I'll be doing a lot of over the next couple of years. Everyone has a maple leaf, flag or Made in Canada on them. Well, not everyone but you know what I mean. Then I was going through my books one day and came across The Game by Ken Dryden. A few months later and.... I'm also a bit of a Habs fan.
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