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  1. My biggest concern right now is that these opportunities have come and will be gone soon. We see that their is a certain price but we dont know how many more teams are willing to pay. The longer we wait the fewer the opportunities get if for example the Devils keep unloading.
  2. We lead the league in shots per game yet we are hopelessly behind the rest of the league. Is it a talent thing that our players just cant shoot precise enough or is it mainly a gameplay problem because we mainly play style that relies on a lot of shots from everywhere in the hope of rebounds?
  3. With a looming expansion draft do we even want to play these young too many games so that we have to protect them later?
  4. You might end up total destroying them by playing them behind this defense. Imagine being called up, play a game and face numerous oddman rushes. You get 4 or 5 and they will start questioning themselves before their career even had a chance to take off.
  5. Well that is easy to say but you have to find a team willing to take these contracts in the first place.