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  1. Somebody in my sim league said he heard: 2 firsts, k,k , romanov and prospect.
  2. I really dont get that relativizing here. Lots of people seem to forget that there is also a victim to his actions. Yes everyone has stuff one isnt proud of but how often did you "hurt" somebody else in a similar way. She has to live with his actions the rest of her life. Once the picture is out there its hard to get it back.
  3. I got taught I shouldnt compare myself to others. I have to be better. Just because others do bad stuff doesnt mean I get a free pass. I dont have a problem with people who did bad stuff lose their credentials. And I dont watch the Kardashians. Whataboutism sucks. This kid as you call it wants to earn millions. So he should behave himself. The world is already a terrible place for many people it doesnt need others to relativize bad behaviour.
  4. Sorry but I am on team fire MB for that one. We live in the 21st century and if you dont understand that you cant treat woman like this you havent understand anything. That people actually dont find this disturbing is mindboggling to me. That doesnt even take into account that MB comes from Chicago where you have similar stuff from the past in the news right now.
  5. So if Suter is LHD will MB overpay vor him?
  6. Just had to check box score if Gallagher is even playing.
  7. CP played 4D chess all season. He knew he had to play like garbage to get more nights off so he can be on top of his game when it matters.
  8. I hope LVK doesnt switch to Lehner in goal. Still remember the time Carolina switched from Gerber to Cam Ward in 2006 and we couldnt do any dmg anymore.
  9. We have to be realistic here: For most part that was not good hockey last night. If it wasnt for a "lolfleury" moment we might be down 1:2. In my opinion we are doomed to win now. This run probably means that there wont be any changes made to the GM and even the coaching position. So we better get something out of it to endure the next few years.
  10. Read this in a forum today. He(a CGY fan not a TML) also wrote:
  11. Wouldnt be the best case at this point if Weber retires after this season and Nashville would be on the hook for most of his cap money?
  12. If you shoot 41 times and score only once why would we assume that it would change in overtime? Deserving a win when you are not able to score on plenty of shots is a little much.
  13. Lots of goalies signing for less than what Allen costs us.
  14. From time to time it would help if you also pick a "Braden Point"-player in the 3rd round.
  15. Didnt we just witness that even a rested Price is not enough? So why would we think it would be different next year if the offense still cant score consistently?
  16. Well Pittsburgh and Toronto just made a deal.
  17. Sucks. Hopefully not too serious But that MB needed to say this speaks volumes.
  18. Laf would be the cheaper option for EDM. Maybe they would rather trade Draisaitl to free up cap for additions?
  19. State: miserable outlook: cloudy at best I often read about Caufield and Romanov here. Checking in on elite prospects I see few guys with quite some points in their junior leagues. Any input on what we can expect of Cam Hillis(seems to have a nice rebound year), Fonstad or Harvey-Pinard? Or too early to tell?
  20. A member of my sim league is a Avs fan and he just said that the rumours have Priceat top of the list again. Dont think he is happy with whatever happens if high end prospects like Byram goes to MTL in return.
  21. My biggest concern right now is that these opportunities have come and will be gone soon. We see that their is a certain price but we dont know how many more teams are willing to pay. The longer we wait the fewer the opportunities get if for example the Devils keep unloading.
  22. We lead the league in shots per game yet we are hopelessly behind the rest of the league. Is it a talent thing that our players just cant shoot precise enough or is it mainly a gameplay problem because we mainly play style that relies on a lot of shots from everywhere in the hope of rebounds?
  23. With a looming expansion draft do we even want to play these young too many games so that we have to protect them later?
  24. You might end up total destroying them by playing them behind this defense. Imagine being called up, play a game and face numerous oddman rushes. You get 4 or 5 and they will start questioning themselves before their career even had a chance to take off.
  25. Well that is easy to say but you have to find a team willing to take these contracts in the first place.
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