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  1. I doubt Vancouver is in any position to deal for win-now players. Their team is crap even more after the Sedins retired.
  2. With the Oilers only picking 10th overall but being under pressure to perform now do you think they will be looking for trades? They need defense and probably a goalie as well. And we could use Draisaitl.
  3. Read today some facebook comments on a post about the draft lottery how people would love to have Plekanec back for about 4.5mil a year. Crazy times.
  4. Honestly it sounds a lot like the same old story. I dont see a player outside Gallagher who warrants any optimism right now. Even Pacioretty probably hurt his trade value over the recent weeks. There are only 2 teams which have scored fewer goals than us and even a number 1 center can only play on one line. We shouldnt delude ourselves in thinking that our players are better than they are. I dont mind losing right now. Its about how you lose the games. After the Galchenyuk hattrick I thought it would be nice to lose but putting up points by our young guys so we have at least something promising for the future. That has been eradicated over the last few games again. Unfortunatly I dont think MB has the ability to proper evaluate talent.
  5. I heard that JT isnt a guy who likes the spotlight very much so that could very well mean that MTL is out of question.
  6. Sucks to see how nice Sergachev distributes the pucks from the blueline.
  7. How the team looks now I think the chances of Tavares signing here are abysmal.
  8. Bruins accomplished their mission. Win the game and give MTL a point to ruin the tank.
  9. They said that Arizona had almost all players available and you can see how many deals they got done. Eastern conference will be a slaughterhouse for the next few years. Toronto is very young. Boston seems to have turned around rather quickly and TBL is a powerhouse. Will be tough to compete and have a decent shot if your roster is average at best.
  10. Dont need to know more just we are doomed with the current GM.
  11. In a rebuild you can always have a season like the Devils now so its not necessary just being at the bottom. If you dont find guys like Gaudreau in later rounds of the draft your once a year top10 pick won't get you back to the top anyway. I would watch but as a European most games are at night and right now not worth it to destroy the sleeping schedule.
  12. I hear some Oilerfans saying that their best option to escape their cap problem might be to trade Draisaitl since you wont get rid of Lucic or Russel because of NMC's. Unfortunatly sending them Weber wouldnt solve that problem. They have to resign Nurse as well. Now having Sergachev would be nice.
  13. Rebuild time but only if MB is not in charge. Most players are at their lowest value wise right now. Gosh all teams below in standings have better topscorers. Sad.
  14. Sergachev has more points than our topscorer. /thread
  15. I am guilty. I visited Montreal for the first time and according to the guy at the tourist information also at the worst time. But I also chose the time because the Habs had 5 homegames in a row. I attended 3 games and even bought a trikot which was rather expensive compared to the Gronkowski one I got after the superbowl win. So I am guilty of extending the reign of inability. I am really not sure how anybody continues to buy these expensive tickets on saturdays when the team play crap like this. Yes they shot again 33 times but more at Andersen than the net. The last goal from Matthews was a beauty and actually from the point he got the puck and got into our zone I hoped I scored. When there were 2 defenders in front of him I almost thought now the chance is gone but he ripped it in anyways. You dont see these shots often enough from our players. Well yeah defense is just atrocius. Behind me were lots of leafs fans who were just always chanting and ridiculing MB that he should go for another defender rather than keeping Radulov. Not nice times. Well I am going back home and it will only be checking scores in the morning again but I dont see anything that gives me hope. No player to be excited. If the team plays bad but you had Drouin or AG putting up point after point it would be at least somewhat bearable.
  16. So that was my game I booked ahead. I got a ticket against CLB on tuesday in front of the stadium as well but I thought the game against Arizona we could at least look good but that was in parts embarressing. The mistakes in the build up were horrendous. Lindgren kept us in the game but in the end it doesnt matter when Benn assists the Coyotes. Kinda sad that people left the game 17s before the end with an offensive zone faceup of their own team but the are probably fed up with this. On Tuesday I sat next to an older guy who had cape and everything who said he knows a guy he calls shortly before the game and asks if their are cheap tickets left. He was actually nice and fun. Kinda superstitous as well. He demanded we changed seats in the 3rd period to change momentum and it partly worked against CLB. They played better in the 3rd period. Unfortunatly he also said that he didnt attend as many games because we are without our best coach MT. I stayed quiet since I didnt want to ruin my evening. There are still tickets against Toronto available which would be my last chance on this trip but I am not sure if they are worth it even if Toronto plays without Matthews.
  17. When was the last time we started in a season where one of our rookies or new players started really great. I mean Toronto is no competition. What they have on youth is unbelievable. Edmonton has its players. But then I see the Devils and a 19y Jesper Bratt having 5 points after two games. Yes he wont play the whole season that way but what would I have given for Drouin coming here and have such a start. Just to fuel the team and the fans. Does a guy like Bratt have better linemates? I dont think so. Even Yakupov has 3 points. Just hoping we dont get a 10-burger by the Hawks like the Pens.
  18. I am visiting Montreal this year for the first time and it happens the Canadiens have few home games then. I want to buy tickets for the game against Arizona. Can you tell me what would be the best game experience from the available seats? There are tickets available for Club Desjardins A(behind the goal or parallel to the goal) or White Centre. Last one is about 100$ cheaper. Is it worth going for the more expensive ones?
  19. Unfortunatly it wont be easy to stay below the Avs and then you have to win lottery.
  20. So Lebrun tweeted he heard that we think about bringing back Emelin. That suggests our front office is clicking random buttons. Not very confident that we get out of this offseason with the best possible outcome.
  21. I think you are mistaken if you still think that this trade is a tie so far. During playoffs I saw analytic stats about Subban that showed what a huge impact he had on the ice. It might not show in points but still his team created so much offense with him on the ice its unreal. in CF% he was 5th this season, his CA60 was 7th. I mean you probably can read all these stats much better than me. Unfortunatly I cant find the original post anymore. This article might be the closest to give a glimpse about the impact each of them had. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/subbans-playoff-performance-canadiens-fans-asking/ I am happy for Subban and hope he wins it all and I better say nothing about our GM or former coach.
  22. So maybe before moving forward you have to find an owner and GM who dont give a dime about what media says. Although I dont think that MB did what he did because of media rather than he believed that this is the way to success. I dont see how you can go forward trying another approach with the same GM. That wont work in my opinion.
  23. So I stayed up until 5am to watch the game. After a promising first period it was a complete letdown. As a EA Nhl gamer and fantasy GM the best after a season was the waiting for rerates. Unfortunatly it doesnt work that way in real life. I mostly just checked the scoring of the games next morning since I had no interest in MT-style hockey and there weren't many lunch games for the Habs this year so most of the games didnt even start before 1am. I wasnt even mad after the loss there was just no real compassion there. Plekanec not scoring on that half open net was just a reminder of how I saw him for the last few years. Remember the time when we thought we could trade him and actually get anything for him? So what happened to Gallagher? Did he overachieve in the past or did our opponents just know what to expect? He had a real good shot in the past. The main question for me is who is the guy that should excite me going forward. Subban is gone. Galchenyuk didnt make the next step. He is still only 23 years old and I have no idea if there is much room for improvement or better if he has it in him to reach his potential. Pacioretty was our best scorer again and didnt show up in the playoffs... again. So the only guy I really like is Price. But how long does he wait for a cup chance and at least one of the goals was catchable yesterday. To be honest I would rather suck and have young players developed than being mediocre and giving money to players who aren't skilled but have the will. Gosh I have to the will to win every game but I cant skate so I am not nhl player. Maybe I should give MB a call. They would run like hell because they would fear my rage in the locker room.
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