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  1. So Lebrun tweeted he heard that we think about bringing back Emelin. That suggests our front office is clicking random buttons. Not very confident that we get out of this offseason with the best possible outcome.
  2. I think you are mistaken if you still think that this trade is a tie so far. During playoffs I saw analytic stats about Subban that showed what a huge impact he had on the ice. It might not show in points but still his team created so much offense with him on the ice its unreal. in CF% he was 5th this season, his CA60 was 7th. I mean you probably can read all these stats much better than me. Unfortunatly I cant find the original post anymore. This article might be the closest to give a glimpse about the impact each of them had. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/subbans-playoff-performance-canadiens-fans-asking/ I am happy for Subban and hope he wins it all and I better say nothing about our GM or former coach.
  3. So maybe before moving forward you have to find an owner and GM who dont give a dime about what media says. Although I dont think that MB did what he did because of media rather than he believed that this is the way to success. I dont see how you can go forward trying another approach with the same GM. That wont work in my opinion.
  4. So I stayed up until 5am to watch the game. After a promising first period it was a complete letdown. As a EA Nhl gamer and fantasy GM the best after a season was the waiting for rerates. Unfortunatly it doesnt work that way in real life. I mostly just checked the scoring of the games next morning since I had no interest in MT-style hockey and there weren't many lunch games for the Habs this year so most of the games didnt even start before 1am. I wasnt even mad after the loss there was just no real compassion there. Plekanec not scoring on that half open net was just a reminder of how I saw him for the last few years. Remember the time when we thought we could trade him and actually get anything for him? So what happened to Gallagher? Did he overachieve in the past or did our opponents just know what to expect? He had a real good shot in the past. The main question for me is who is the guy that should excite me going forward. Subban is gone. Galchenyuk didnt make the next step. He is still only 23 years old and I have no idea if there is much room for improvement or better if he has it in him to reach his potential. Pacioretty was our best scorer again and didnt show up in the playoffs... again. So the only guy I really like is Price. But how long does he wait for a cup chance and at least one of the goals was catchable yesterday. To be honest I would rather suck and have young players developed than being mediocre and giving money to players who aren't skilled but have the will. Gosh I have to the will to win every game but I cant skate so I am not nhl player. Maybe I should give MB a call. They would run like hell because they would fear my rage in the locker room.
  5. Left guy: Just signed for years and 3.9mil aav. Right guy: Bought out by MB.
  6. There are some strange rumours about the new contract of Shaw. If I were GM I wouldn't rush anything. There is no danger of an offer sheet and if anyone would offer more than 3.7 mil/y we would get a 1st and 3rd in return and could happily accept. So why rush anything and offer him something close to 4mil?
  7. According to tsn we are interested in Fowler. Hopefully not as some kind of replacement.
  8. Dont know who would be less stupid. The one making this offer or the one not snap-accepting it?
  9. Laraque apparently twittered that the Habs offered Subban to the Oilers for Draisaitl and 4th overall pick. Chia said no. If they deal PK I am done with the Habs until MB and MT are fired.
  10. Right now we live of the hope that our players are misused and their talent is misjudged. On the other hand I think true elite players should score no matter how bad the surroundings are. So I am not so optimistic about the future when a guy like Gaudreau manages to put up 71pts in 71 games on a worse team and Pacioretty is not even close to this. We really have to hope for some breakthroughs of our guys. I dont think that Plekanec will get better rather than going into the other direction. I hope Price can get back to the level before his injury but you never know how this stuff works out. So right now I wouldn't be confident to say that we are a top team if we change only the coach. I would be happy with a real good first line and see some of our rookies putting up some secondary scoring on the 2nd and 3rd line. If Prices plays top level he can do a lot for us. Our defense is another construction site.
  11. Is trading already allowed again? Saw that the Sens traded the rights of Gonchar away.
  12. Well Plekanec shoved him into the net. Can't always blame that on the refs.
  13. Why is the goalie always waiting with the puck in PP. Can't he pass it forward? I mean Subban was the only one near to the net.
  14. Wow I am pretty amazed how much everyone hates Subban throughout the league except Habs fans. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=669593&cmpid=nhl-fb
  15. We need a goal quickly. Still remember how Ward run hot few years ago against us.
  16. Imo is DD really trying tonight but the wingers are just not in that game.
  17. Is it just me or are we (EDITED) every 2 on 1 situation? I mean there should be other ways to just take the shot. The guy with the puck could even stop to get a passing line. It just looks aweful every time we have such a situation. Apart from Gallagher I am not impressed with the shooting skills of most of the guys. I don't know if he is ready to step up but I would like to see him with a playmaker like Plekc on a top2line for few games.
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