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  1. Curious to see what ppl project Tom Pyatt to be??

    To me Tom Pyatt is very very similar to Richard Park, and if he can have that type of career he will be an awesome third line play for the habs, Park consistently put up 25-35 points for about the last eight years.

    I see Pyatt putting about around 20 pts this season (8g 12a) and building on that next year. All while playing first pk unit with Halpern.

    I think Lapierre and Moen will make a great second pk unit and then if Halpern and Pyatt are not fresh Pleks and Gionta can come on to kill that last little bit, regardless I see pleks' PK time significantly reduced thanks to Halpern and Pyatt.


  2. There's no doubt that this is a good signing for the price he came at, but not too sure if i like this move. Like many have already expressed, that 3rd line position could have been taken by a younger player. Nonetheless, we all wish you a great and healthy season. Welcome to the habs jeff!

    Im definitely ok with this signing, I really dont think it takes any time away from youngsters- well it does- but not valuable time, who is fighting for a roster spot? realistically, Patches, White, Avtsin, Desharnais, three of these guys are guys who 99% of habs fans want to see become top 6 forwards, they are all still young let them play top 6 minutes in Hamilton one more season, Darche and Halpern are both likely gone next year anyways, and if one of the youngsters is ACTUALLY ready, Darche will likely be sent down (waivers) to accomodate, this signing is a great idea... cant have too much depth, the only player I see it affecting is White, who plays a completely different role then Halpern, I think White is competing again Pyatt and Moen...

  3. Jeff Halpern is going to be a great addition to this team, I couldn't be happier, I have known him personally for about 15 years now and he has great character, since he played junior hockey here in Ontario!

    Essentially we get Dominic Moore with a little more grit more experience and maybe a shade less offensive upside, but for this price tag its a great deal... cant help but wonder why we signed Darche to a one way contract now that we have this signing, it will be very interesting to see how everything fits together... Halpern will be a great guy though to come in and win big faceoffs and kill penalties for the habs, letting some of those top four guys get a bit of a breather...

    The way I see it,

    Kostitsyn - Pleks - Cammy

    Pouliot/Eller - Gomez - Gionta

    Pouliot/Eller- Halpern - Lapierre

    Pyatt - Boyd - Moen

  4. I was sitting here thinking about the upcoming draft and realized outside of Desharnais (sp?) and to a lesser extent Maxwell, the habs really dont have any potential scorers in their system. Then I remembered being really excited about this kid as a project when we signed him in the offseason, but I have yet to hear anything at all about him so far, does anyone know how he is progressing. I saw from a couple months back 7gp 5g 1a in the SEL im not sure how those stats are for that league.

    If anyone has heard anything I would be very intrigued to hear about it!


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