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  1. I enjoyed watching Phillipe Aumont pitch for Canada. I watched him pitch for Wisconsin last year and I think he's the real deal, I even got him to sign a baseball for me...and the kid loves hockey, too. He should burst onto the big league stage.
  2. Probably will be Boston and LA again, unless Detroit wins the East, and they got smoked tonight by Pheonix. I'm a Bucks fan and have been happy with how they've been playing lately, coming from behind and even talking Boston to the wire on Saturday night.
  3. Well you guys have bad poor all year long...msu lately has started out really hot and then faded at the end. Not sure which one is worse: building up excitement and then losing it all or not having much from the start...
  4. And of course the Yankees throw out their name in the Peavy talks. Cubs are looking at the Unit, too.
  5. Also got to see him play in Madison last weekend, along with McDonaugh. He's the smallest player on the Badgers but he plays hard and is a real likeable player, he's fun to watch. And yes, he is a Johnson, gotta love that.
  6. Bottom line on Peavy is that he's one of the filthiest arms out there, and he's an excellent competitor. He's an ace anywhere. Going to be very interesting, too to see where Sabathia's going, I'm praying he stays in Milwaukee.
  7. I have no idea why they'd schedule Cal Poly at the end. They do have a fairly strong conference schedule with Ohio State and Penn State in back to back weeks. They should be able to finish the job against Fresno State tonight. It's kind of funny to me that Notre Dame beats Michigan and the only thing anybody wants to talk about is Charlie Wies's knee. UCLA beat an overrated Tennessee team so that's why everybody thought they were good, BYU just crushed them and I personally don't think BYU is a top notch team, especially after that squeeker against Washington. I agree, USC will be in the title game, possibly against Oklahoma.
  8. Quite the game they got going on with Michigan right now.
  9. I know I'm not the only college football fan on this forum, lots of good games tomorrow and one going on right now between Kansas and USF. Chris Wells is out for tomorrow night's game against USC, should make that a beatdown in favor of the Trojans. Go Badgers!
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