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  1. Sun1...I absolutely love ur sig and avator...just amazing!!!
  2. Anyone kow if Roy will be signing autograph's at all?
  3. Thanks but roy_133 just did it for me..I am useless at this stuff!
  4. Maybe one without the mask and one actaully playing or in his stance would be amazing...but up to u cause u r the real artist not me
  5. Thats pretty good...is there one without the water?
  6. Really I found a bunch on google images...and from the bulldogs photographer
  7. REALLY....thats sooo nice of you...if u can would u put a pic of him with his helmet off too, there are lots of him without it...wow that woudl be sooo cool!
  8. Oh ya...I will try but I am not very artisitic:(
  9. I completely agree with you 60, girls can be just as big of fans and NOT be puck bunny's. I know more about the Habs than anyone of my guy friends and even more than my Dad. Yes, we can find the players attractive(Yann Danis) but doesnt mean we r puck bunnys.
  10. Username: Yann_fan Name: Natalie Sweet Age:22 From: Hamilton Favourite Current Hab: Cristobal Huet Favourite All-time Hab: Patrick Roy Favourite Prospect: Yann Danis and Carrey Price(which I met and talk to last night)
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