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  1. This doesnt mean no young players won't make the team, it just decreases their chances so they have to work harder at camp. It creates competition and Halpern would be a better fit than say White, Halpern is defensively responsible and it will free up time for Pleks on offense.

    Interesting stats from HIO

    Halpern had 47 blocked shots last season, which would have ranked him 3rd among Montreal forwards, behind only Pleks’ 63 and Moen’s 51 and 11 more blocked shots than Lapierre.

    – Halpern averaged 2:24 of PK time per game in Tampa last season, which would have ranked 2nd behind only Pleks’ 2:44 among Montreal forwards.

    – Halpern’s FO% of 51.6% would have lead Montreal.

    So tell me would a youngster be able to fill that role? I know we all want them to have a shot but do we want to be worse of a team just so we can have some rookies play.

  2. The Hangover= Not even close to living up to the hype = 5.5/11. Eleven because I thought that I would need the extra point going in because of the morons that saw it before me telling me it was the funniest movie of all time, even funnier than Anchorman...."Anchorman, really?" I said. "Yes, better than any other comedy, that I have seen." I gave Anchorman a 10/10 so, I was going into The Hangover thinking that it would have to be rated on an eleven scale.

    What a disappointment!

    I have to disagree, it was hilarious and by far better than anchorman.

    500 Days of summer - 8/10

    Inglorious Basterds - 10/10

    Avatar - 6/10 (it got a 6 only for the effects)

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