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  1. I saw both The Social Network and Buried tonight. The Social Network was pretty interesting actually. Felt a bit long, but it was neat to see some of the back story and just how weird things got. Buried - I'm in a weird state, I don't know what to think about this movie right now. It was something different for sure, and its still got me thinking at the moment. I'll have to get back to everyone on this.
  2. Exactly, although on a positive note I did see some encouraging physical play in the offensive boards during the times I was watching tonight.
  3. Looks like people in here started speaking mockingly too soon. But you can bet your bottom dollar that there are people in Bluestown doubting the signing or questioning his abilities. Everything just gets 'amplified' in Montreal because of 1) the size of the market and 2) the media coverage is FAR larger.
  4. I like the signing, as I think he's a player that fits in well with the established philosophy of our bottom lines. Even though it does feel like "more of the same" that we see every summer (filling "role" and depth players rather than landing the big ticket guys) I'm glad that we do recognize the need for strong third and fourth line players. I would like to see a bit more focus in improving our scoring talent on a year-to-year basis, however.
  5. Auld has never been anything more than an average backup; even in his one crack as a starter, he was plagued by inconsistencies in his game. I'm still not sure what I think of the signing; I know we're not looking for anything more than a serviceable backup (looking to give Carey the vast majority of the load to carry) but I think there would have been other names I would have pursued over Auld. Nonetheless, I suppose he's here for now, so I wish him nothing but success!
  6. If he works hard and keeps his head in the game, he seems to have a skill-set that can take him far. He's got some considerable power and also has a solid scoring touch; two things you can't teach. The trick with him will be the dreaded "game between the ears", as well as continuing to develop his skating and defensive ability. Even though there may be some growing pains that bleed over from last season, he's a pretty low-risk/high-reward situation given that we didn't sell the farm to get him and he isn't costing us an arm and a leg.
  7. If you like Dexter-style TV, I'm almost positive you'll enjoy BB.
  8. A lot of it really just comes down to ice-time for these grinder/energy players. If we give our players 4-5 minutes of ice-time a game, they're far less likely to put up some points than on nights where they get closer to 10; its much easier to get into a groove and find a rhythm.
  9. I thought "The Other Guys" was fantastic! I hadn't seen a Will Ferrell comedy that good in years. I actually laughed out loud in the theatre constantly (the last 20 minutes or so weren't very comedic though), something which I don't always do with funny movies.
  10. Haha. Its not that boxing lessons would really help you with on-ice fights anyway, unless he was taking lessons with his skates on. Boxing will however continue to help his (already pretty good) endurance, which is never a bad thing.
  11. Oi, no kidding. I don't think I've ever been so frantic about a show before.
  12. My favourite show on TV right now since Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage aren't on new seasons! Its actually probably a better series overall than Dexter now that I think about it.
  13. It's ok, I'll take Skynyrd any day of the week and I'm from Winnipeg!
  14. Really? I liked 'em both. Goats was pretty obscure but I liked the weirdness of it. Basterds was pretty entertaining I thought.
  15. Woo, same here, got mine last weekend! But Dream Theatre's not playing in Winnipeg.
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