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  1. We need some Kostitsyn sigs afloat. lol :cheer:
  2. Hahahaha. Bonkstas. :champ: Love the sig. :thumb:
  3. Anybody wanna make me a holiday sig? Saying: Merry CHristmas (the CH in christmas being our beautiful CH) and then underneath ... Habby New Year!!
  4. Oh riiiight. I mean... of course. :mrgreen:
  5. Ohhh very, VERY nice. /changes sig for first time in forever
  6. Multiple banners is never a bad thing... hahaha
  7. Somebody should make a Johnson/Bonk banner with these pictures. http://www.canadiens.com/_static/webupload...news/5270_3.jpg http://www.canadiens.com/_static/webUpload...news/5270_1.jpg And a witty tagline involving PK? lol, I wish I could. As always, super stuff everyone.
  8. Awesome stuff, everyone. Would it be possible for someone to make me a Higgins/Koivu avatar? Or just Koivu. Either or! lol
  9. You were right. Just saw the news on RIS.
  10. Username: madbox21 Real Name: Melissa Live: Quebec Born: St. Jerome, Que. Age: 20 Favourite Current Hab: Koivu & Higgins Favourite All time Hab: Carbo, Roy, Koivu Favourite Prospect: Emelin
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