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  1. VT Habs fan here Name: Barry Age: 40 Live: Stowe Vermont Favorite Hab would be Carbo for Montreal and Dallas years. Skill plus craftiness always works for me. Hockey fan for 35 years or so, and a Texan who moved to Vermont to escape Dallas heat and traffic and population. Now raising a family in the mountains of Vermont. I'm still a Stars fan first (STH in Dallas for 8 years thru the Cup--Thanks Bob and Guy), but I've followed the Habs since the early 70s. Even managed to get to a couple of games at the Forum before the wrecking ball hit. What a travesty that was. Attend 6-10 home games per year at the Bell Centre, and REALLY love the fact that my young son is being raised with the Habs as his home team. Just gotta break him of that damn Mighty Ducks thing that all kids get suckered into. If there are any STH on here that occassionally sell Reds I'd love to hear from you, since I was only able to get a couple of games via admission.com before all the games sold out. 3+ hours each way is too far to drive with a youngster on the chance of scalping outside.
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