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  1. Hello Habs!

    I'm new to hockey so please bare with me! Even though I'm an American, I chose the Canadiens as my team to support. American professional football is becoming too commercialized and I'm looking at hockey as a new sport to get into and enjoy. I chose the Habs because I had heard they were one of the oldest of teams and shared a rich tradition of hockey greatness, though I never knew just how great Habs hockey really is until I found this web site. With the American concept that Toronto is the "New York City" of Canada, I knew I could not be a Leafs fan! I live in Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh), and am planning to make trips to see them play this year in Buffalo, Columbus, Wash. D.C., Pittsburgh and maybe even Philly. I hope to one day make it to Montreal to actually see them at home. Can you all share with me some stories about great games you've seen and great players you've looked up to. Are there any great books and / or movies (documentaries) that will help me better understand and learn Montreal Canadien history? And something I greatly appreaciate is, would you please share with me traditions that Habs fans share at games, like any particular chants you might have.

    I wish you all well and thank you in advance! --Jac

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