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  1. Thanks man will do and welcome to all the other new people who posted just before me!!!!
  2. A bit more about me 26 years of age Favorite Hab - Patrick Roy Favorite Canadiens moment(s) - Our overtime streak from 1993, Patrick Roy's wink to that LA King, Meeting Rocket and talking to him, Meeting most of the 1993 Stanley Cup team. Favorite past hab - Rocket Richard and Ken Dryden Current Favorite Hab - Kovalev and Huet(predicted to my friends last year he would be a top tier goalie)
  3. Didnt see a "noob" thread where peeps can introduce themselves so a bit about be not to get off topic though. I have been a hab's fan since 1986 when Roy took the cup in his rookie year, I remember at 9 years of age I was watching Montreal battle the Flames tell the wee hours of the night and almost got in trouble from my mom but she let me stay up past midnight i believe it was (overtime) i was so angry when they lost. Fast forward to 1993 I was a teen and ontop of the world and the envy of my friends that i played hockey with as my Habs took the cup thanks to Mr. Roy again! I just started watching hockey again around 2001 or 2002 ish after not watching since 1997. After the whole Roy thing I gave Thibault a chance but our team was on hard times after the trade. Fast forward to 2001-current I am really enjoying not only the game of hockey again but the HABS, i watched us against the bruins years ago when kovalev Light them up and our team is really exciting this year i feel with a mix of vets plus Rooks on the rise. I DO NOT WANT TO get anyone bored but OMG its just nostalgic feelings coming back to me as i sit here back as a hockey fan once again after more then four years of not watching. The habs have held a place in my heart since i was a little kid I bought everything from cards, mini hockey sticks, patrick roy street hockey goalie mask to clothing. I am so glad that I renewed my passion for hockey and I can share my ups and downs with fellow Hab's fans again. Sadly I only got to make it to the old Forum 9 times or so( lived in and around Toronot for most of my life) but I have been to the Bell Center a few times since becoming a hockey fan once again. Last year at my place of employment I had told everyone about Huet and boy was I right I told him he will end up starting and become one of the best goalies in the NHL, it's just a shame hes a bit older and we didnt get him earlier and realize his potential. Well I want to share many more memories please respond with yours!!!
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