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  1. I agree with you that the AHL is most likely where he will end up but you can't really take his performance in last years call ups as an indication of what kind of player he is. Management really put him behind the 8 ball (which wasn't really their fault due to the Laraque madness), with last years call ups. When it comes to skill players like Ben, its all about confidence and being comfortable in the game. It is hard to achieve either of these when your getting 2-5 minutes of ice time on the fourth line with a couple of grinders. Ben needs the opportunity to show his skill set in the NHL in the position where he was drafted to play. I'm not saying he is entitled to this in any way however his pre-season play has been far beyond anything we have seen from him in the last two years. He explosiveness and speed has really showed (he looks very similar to Pleks in skating style). I'd be surprised if there was a better skater on the team. If Ben is given the chance, and fails then the story is settled. If Montreal is unable to give Ben this opportunity, they owe it to him to send him to a team that will. This franchise has too many NHL ready to players in their system, and the fact that they continue to bring in players on one year one way deals is beyond me. The cup nowadays is won by a combination of young talent and old experience. Montreal should be following this trend. GO HABS GO!
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