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  1. I just want to see P.K. Subban bring the Stanley Cup to Montreal and I hope every Montrealer who gets the opportunity to meet P.K. does the triple low five with him.

    This would make putting up with the clowns in management and owner over the past few years less painful.

  2. My worst nightmare is that if and when MB is fired (I have zero faith that the clueless owner will do the right thing any time soon) that the next "best available francophone" gm hired, will go and re-hire the re-tread of a clown of a coach therrien..... rinse and repeat.....

  3. Ninja Assassin 8.5/10

    As long as you're not expecting an Oscar nomination and just enjoy the action then you should like this movie. Would of liked to see a bit more "ninja training".

    Watching The Proposal with my wife now. Well, she's watching it and I'm on the forum. hehe

    Planning to see Avatar for New Year's Eve.

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