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  1. I REALLY like this sig....the background really looks like snow/ice...perfect for a hockey background... Really nice job!
  2. Ok...All-Star game is over...can someone do a Souray sig and add a pic with his All-Star jersey?? (maybe just add to the existing sig I have)???? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Yeah and I didn't really like that pic...guess I'll have to wait...
  4. Have they put any pictures of players in the all-star jerseys out yet (Souray)?
  5. Hey MDAS, are you out there? I am still using the Souray sig you made me...could you change the left side to a pic with the allstar uniform....i know you can't do it until after the game but just a heads up to keep you eyes open for one... I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!
  6. I really like the Higgins/Zednik sig...nice work!
  7. Thanks so much MDAS for the awesome Souray sig...I'm not good at this stuff but you sure do have alot of talent! Your stuff looks great!
  8. I'm new to the forum, how do you make signatures and where do you find the pics??
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