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  1. I glad so many people have come around on Metro. I loved the pick up last year, but reading all the hate for him on this board got me raging pretty hard. Glad he's off to a good start this year, definitely the kind of work ethic and player we want and need. You see how they had to kick him and Carey off the ice at practice the other day?
  2. Heck yeah Rise Against! On my way to get the album too!
  3. Hi everyone, been trolling for a while, figure I should introduce myself. My name is Austin and I'm from Bowling Green, Ohio.(just south of Smoke's hometown of Toledo) I'm 24 and been a habs fan my entire life. All time favorite hab would be Roy or Koivu, with the later obviously my favorite active player. I went to college with Kevin Bieksa of the Canucks, so they are my western conference team you could say. Bowlign Green is an incredibly storied college hockey town, with a lot of greats coming from there, so this game is in my blood. I'm counting the days until next season, and planning at least 1 trip to Montreal next season for some games.
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