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  1. He took a nasty hit last night, checked from behind into the boards. He was concussed on the play, and his head bounced of the ice afterwards and was taken away on a stretcher. Although nothings official, the hamilton morning news stated that while he went to the hospital with concussion symptoms, that he is not seriously injured. Which, after seeing him drop like a rag doll, is very good news.
  2. He needs to work on his skating. He certainly has the size, but it appeared as if he can't skate well enough to use it. While other large players, who can't skate generally play the wing ( and can go for big hits without worrying about positioning), as a center he has to be able to get back into position. As an 'energy' line center, he needs to be able to add pop to his game. Playing a purely 'safe' game isn't enough. Else we would still have Tommy Pyatt kicking around.
  3. This gave me a good chuckle. While I agree that big Ryan hasn't looked good, there is still hope and a definite need for his style of play on our blue line. The concept of packaging him with AK46 is comical though. It is a strict return to that age old thought.. if we package all of our unwanted/underperformign peices, clearly another team will pony up a star for them! -- This is not to say I believe that AK46 is unwanted, he's looked good and ready to make a mark this season.
  4. Where's the True Blood love? Seriously, best show on TV. The only thing that makes the summer/offseason bearable is knowing there will be weekly fixes of True Blood (and hell's kitchen to an extent.. ). Come Hockey Season.. if games don't interupt: Modern Family/Dragon's Den. Anyone have any insight to the show Republic of Doyle? It started last season, and i was curious about how it got off the ground, but was to busy to make time to watch it
  5. Certainly haven't read through all of the posts but there are some recurring favs. Mostly Metal/Rock: Atreyu Boy Set's Fire TFK Slipknot Three Day's Grace Billy Talent A7X Disturbed Tonnes of Ska/Light/Folk/Celtic Reel Big Fish Planet Smashers IllScarlet Mighty Mighty Bostones Rx Bandits <- a little more obscure, but definitly worth a listen. Slowly becoming more well known/available. Chieftans Dropkick Murphy's Flogging Molly And one band I didn't notice, although it must have been at some point Great Big Sea!!
  6. Thanks a bunch Twillightzone. I had no idea about the structure that went into game play in European leagues. That being said, I should have inferred it! Looking at all the other sports played, they all seem to exemplify team play over individual skill. Very interesting!
  7. Great, thanks. What's the competition like? I could not be lazy and go look up stats at imports, but I am guessing the transition can be a painful one? It is very reassuring to hear that the NHL is a strong possibility. Competition from him and Eller to make one of Gomez/Plek un-needed and tradeable would be a huge asset.
  8. Oops, double
  9. I truly know pitifully little about Euro-leagues. I realise that they are typically low scoring, as such his totals may not be half bad. Also, those playoff numbers are great for any league! What is a realistic expectation/ceiling for this player? Can we hope for 2nd line? Is 3rd realistic (pending Defensive play that is) or is NHL a longshot at this point? It would be exciting to have several legitamate prospects in hamilton (Patches/Avitsyn/Desharnais/Trotter/Kristo+Leblanc eventually/Shultz) as wella s young players battling to break out in Montreal, gives us some hope!
  10. I think it depends on which sample you are looking at. NHL capabable agitators go for a premium. Regardless of how willing we are to pay for that role, it is an expensive one now. Look at the $'s comparables (Ott, Niel, Ruutu etc) earn. They are all in the 2-3M range. Cooke signed 'cheap' and I believe he was ~1.8M/yr. You know that these are the comparables that Maxim's agent is bringing to the table, and he may not be that far off. He IS our Niel/Ott etc. Whether or not managment believes he is on the same level and as deserving as them is a seperate question. However, i can't see him sticking around with low-ball offers when he knows that some teams are willing to open the cheque books to sign similar 10-20G, agitator types to very lucrative contracts.
  11. I think this is the difficulty in signing him. He knows what type of player he is and could plataeu at (an Ott/Avery/Niel/Ruutu type). These guys make atrocious pay-cheques for what they bring to the team (10-20G, and an edge). Without a doubt he and his agent are pushing this aspect that after the Ott's and Cooke's of the league he's the next best agitator and deserves to be paid as such. A 1-1.5M / year for 3-5 years is optimal for the team, and we just have to hope that being the poster boy for home-town success stories is enough of an incentive to sell him on the paycut.
  12. By far, one of the most entertaining players to watch (When he's truly going that is). Hopefully he has a long stay with Montreal, and that the only hold up getting this contract done is the time line. Although bottom-6'rs should never be payed oodles of money on long term deals I wouldn't be opposed to a 4-5 year deal at 1-1.5M/season. He may want a shorter deal in the hopes that he pops 20 goals one year and can cash in, but he's a great fit here and clearly loves to play infront of the home-town fans. Realistically though, he needs to start coming into his own. He was a whole new player once centered by Moore, hopefully he can be relyed upon to be that go-to guy third liner from now on, who can produce the 'Moore-effect' on other younger players. He is at the age where he should be a banger, crasher, pest regardless of who is on his line. If he can do this, he will be a very valuable asset for quite sometime.
  13. I may have missed it, but was their a release or a bit of news that depicted this? There wasn't a whole lot of news that came out of the developement camp, but I heard his name mentioned a few times. Aside from that, can anyone add a decent (hopeful) prosepective future for Steve? Any hope of filling a habs jersey shortly?
  14. This is true, Moore although not true top-6 talent can easily chip in for stints of time in the top-6 as needed. When we traded for him, it was really a: What the... another small fast forward!? After watching him play however, I would be very happy to see him return. He is small-ish and fast, however he plays in all the dirty areas and has a knack for scoring opportune goals/creating chances. The speed of him and Lappy are great, and like has been mentioned putting White on that line next year to learn would be fantastic. White is quick and hits anything that moves. Our 3rd line would finally be able to be quick, willing to work the nasty areas, bug the other team and truly hit the opposition. With the addition of a hard hitter to the fourth line, we could potentially have a group of forwards that opposing D didn't look forward to playing! Regarding Salary though, I have a suspicision Moore runs for the hills. That has been his nature, to believe that he's a 2.5-3M player. We really can't afford to pay him much unless he plans on taking over the second center job. We can't have an $6M third line.
  15. I noticed him on the score sheet a few nights ago but havent been watching any of the games. Anyone watch enough of the international hockey tourny to be able to comment on how he looks out there against some NHL talent?