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  1. Well, I agree, last year was underwhelming. I had mentally excused that, and attributed it to a mix of injuries during the year and the shoulder injury during the summer that prevented training. A rookie putting up ~0.2 ppg isn't horribly surprising, especially since it was so obvious he needed to bulk up. That being said, this streak of being completely ineffectual does indeed colour last years performance in a different light. Also, while some people will probably say that his poor play is a result of the Bulldogs poor overall team, it's interesting to note that TINORDI (!) has as many points as Leblanc(albeit in 10 more games played) and that players like Beaulieu and Gallagher have twice and four times as many points respectively.
  2. Interesting that he was invited to the KHL all-star game. We know that he has been good there previously, but hopefully this bodes well for us and speaks to his continuing maturation. We all love a guy that hits like a truck, hopefully he can maintain that vicious streak while also learning how to pick his spots. Also, if he could bring back any of his KHL scoring touch to the NHL, that would be pure icing on the cake!
  3. I know that he was injured, and that a high ankle sprain can linger, but really, has anyone playing during this lockout hurt their chances more than Louis? He was expected to be a cornerstone of the Bulldogs offense, and he's truly been atrocious. It's been a mix of poor puck skills, poor strength along the side boards and poor decisions. Of course, it would help if he had better teammates, but, at this point he was expected to lift others around him,not put up a whopping 5 pts in 25 games. Hopefully he can turn things around, but this may be the first of a series of dissapointments
  4. Although it was in a losing cause, congrats on your first professional goal last night!
  5. He's been playing well. He rushes the puck like a mad man at times, and has tended to get caught up ice once in a while, but has curtailed that a fair bit. Surprisingly, early in the season (and still now to an extent) his strength has been defense, as opposed to putting points onthe board. He's not as physically intimidating as Tinordi (who is though?) but he's not afraid to go to corners etc, and often he'll try for a hit. So far, he's been very impressive and the points are starting to come, as he simplifies his game (ie low hard point shot, rather than trying to dangle around a forward then wrist it).
  6. I think I have a similar view point, but that it was lost in translation. Clearly rich teams want to get back to playing. It's just that players need to recognize that they are going to have to give in to lesser terms either now, or later. Fighting to retain an extra 4 HRR % points now eqautes to ~132M, which isn't even 200K per player. Given that an average salary is 2.4M over an 8 month season .. If they sit out more thana month worth of games, they've already lost more money than they stood to gain by fighting. What I was getting at, was that the players really need to wake up and realize how much money they are losing now, as opposed to fighting on precedent for a few more percentage points. Clearly, the owners have to move a little bit too, but we've never been given a reason not to believe Bettman when he says that a better offer won't be forthcoming.
  7. I think we are coming to the realization that public perception does not equate to leverage, else this lockout would already be over and both Bettman and Fehr would be in the unemployment line. Capitulating now, saves the players alot of money. However, it also furthers a precedent that at every CBA expiration, the owners will demand a lockout and massive clawbacks. It's a no win situation for players, either capitulate now and save actual dollars or fight it.. lose money now and lose even more money over the course of the CBA, in hopes of preventing history from repeating itself over and over. I think we are coming to the realization that public perception does not equate to leverage, else this lockout would already be over and both Bettman and Fehr would be in the unemployment line. Capitulating now, saves the players alot of money. However, it also furthers a precedent that at every CBA expiration, the owners will demand a lockout and massive clawbacks. It's a no win situation for players, either capitulate now and save actual dollars or fight it.. lose money now and lose even more money over the course of the CBA, in hopes of preventing history from repeating itself over and over.
  8. MMW... The players are going to lose far more actual dollars by missing games, then they could ever hope to recoup by a saving a few more HRR points over the course of their careers. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees.
  9. Regis is exactly right. While Gomez may not have always had tbe best line mates, it's his complete regression into predictability that's been his downfall. I'm not an NHL defender, nor a coach. However, the gameplan to deal with Scott is far to simple. Apply slight pressure at blue line, he peels to the boards and lobs a weak wrister either around the boards or towards the goalie for fear of physical contact. What makes this worse, is that he wheels up the ice with such speed that he can enter the zone, peel off, and fling a pass to nobody, long before anyone is in poisition for retrieval. The book on him without the puck is largely the same as well. Coast towards the net, avoid contact, skate past the net, wait patiently just to the side, behind the net in the hopes the puck comes back. You mix this with his lackisdaisical approach to defence where we see him either water-skiing behind his man, or standing in the slot looking bewildered and you have a player that, aside from astounding speed, has completely checked out.
  10. Crosby is a no even? I realize concussion issues are touch'n'go, but if the difference between trading for a generational talent or being left up the proverbial creek is a 22nd overall pick, you would really say no? I do, however, agree with the E. Staal 'no'. Overpaid, underperforming.
  11. Furthermore, while Tomas isn't old, using him to acquire a younger winger fits better with out youth movement. While clearly veterans are needed to build a winning team, expecting the same level of play from him in 3-4 years when all of our youth has matured is a tad too optimistic. Better to cash in on his value now, for short term pain and long term gain.
  12. Well of course we are craving a star, but expecting a guy paid a relative pittance to be that star is a tad far fetched. He's paid, as a low-end 2nd liner, high end third-liner. If he performs to career averages, he represents a solid 2nd line LW. I know that we are all quite caught up in the idea that players rapidly decline from career averages at the moment, but I don't think have a season's evidence is sufficent to cast that same shadow on Bourque's career. Not to mention, when he was traded here he had a) been suspended, was brought into a disaster of a room, and c) bounced around lines without the ability to form chemistry with anyone.
  13. A solid analysis, using the center as the focal point. However, now we have a surplus of expensive 4th liners in Moen, Armstrong, Prust, White, Nokia (Heck, and Weber if MT learned from the count). I don't see a reason to rush any youth into the line-up, when this year is looking mediocre at best. If Gallagher, Leblanc come in and look dynamite, then fine. However, it would probably be benficialf or them to get the Patches treatment and atleast sit in the AHL for half a season till they are dominating, then move up. Your line-up does attempt to get Gomez going. However, I don't like the idea of sacrificing Eller's developement, to try and boost a veteran's play. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Sacrifice a Vet to develop the youth? Not to mention, next year we truly need Gomez's salary gone to be able to afford PAtches/ DD's raises... so why try to build a line-up around him? Even if he has what we would consider a successful rebound to say 40 points, no one is going to trade for a 7.5M, 40 point aging center.
  14. Well, he certainly didn't inspire confidence last season, but I can't understand the urge to dump him or label him as a bottom-6 forward. If someone offered us a player who had several 27G seasons, we would jump all over him and say our 2nd line LW position is now filled. So, aside from a poor half a seasong, that he admitted was largely due to the suspensions getting to him, why do we now think Rene is fit to be cast off? He's a) large, B ) hits, c) shoots first. Aren't these the exact criteria we all want to fill that whole in the 2nd line LW with? The only problem that I can see with putting him there, is that it leaves Eller with nothing but checkers, which will severly limit his ability to develop as a scorer.
  15. Key note though, teachers are generally on the sidelines - not the front lines. If 'teaching' is truly his only remaining tout-able skill. Give'm a suit, and shove'm behind the bench as his first few games were atrocious. When you consider that we are sitting our 1 physical Dman in Emelin to let him play tonight.. it's just painful to think about.
  16. He needs to work on his skating. He certainly has the size, but it appeared as if he can't skate well enough to use it. While other large players, who can't skate generally play the wing ( and can go for big hits without worrying about positioning), as a center he has to be able to get back into position. As an 'energy' line center, he needs to be able to add pop to his game. Playing a purely 'safe' game isn't enough. Else we would still have Tommy Pyatt kicking around.
  17. Where's the True Blood love? Seriously, best show on TV. The only thing that makes the summer/offseason bearable is knowing there will be weekly fixes of True Blood (and hell's kitchen to an extent.. ). Come Hockey Season.. if games don't interupt: Modern Family/Dragon's Den. Anyone have any insight to the show Republic of Doyle? It started last season, and i was curious about how it got off the ground, but was to busy to make time to watch it
  18. Certainly haven't read through all of the posts but there are some recurring favs. Mostly Metal/Rock: Atreyu Boy Set's Fire TFK Slipknot Three Day's Grace Billy Talent A7X Disturbed Tonnes of Ska/Light/Folk/Celtic Reel Big Fish Planet Smashers IllScarlet Mighty Mighty Bostones Rx Bandits <- a little more obscure, but definitly worth a listen. Slowly becoming more well known/available. Chieftans Dropkick Murphy's Flogging Molly And one band I didn't notice, although it must have been at some point Great Big Sea!!
  19. Thanks a bunch Twillightzone. I had no idea about the structure that went into game play in European leagues. That being said, I should have inferred it! Looking at all the other sports played, they all seem to exemplify team play over individual skill. Very interesting!
  20. Great, thanks. What's the competition like? I could not be lazy and go look up stats at imports, but I am guessing the transition can be a painful one? It is very reassuring to hear that the NHL is a strong possibility. Competition from him and Eller to make one of Gomez/Plek un-needed and tradeable would be a huge asset.
  21. I truly know pitifully little about Euro-leagues. I realise that they are typically low scoring, as such his totals may not be half bad. Also, those playoff numbers are great for any league! What is a realistic expectation/ceiling for this player? Can we hope for 2nd line? Is 3rd realistic (pending Defensive play that is) or is NHL a longshot at this point? It would be exciting to have several legitamate prospects in hamilton (Patches/Avitsyn/Desharnais/Trotter/Kristo+Leblanc eventually/Shultz) as wella s young players battling to break out in Montreal, gives us some hope!
  22. I think it depends on which sample you are looking at. NHL capabable agitators go for a premium. Regardless of how willing we are to pay for that role, it is an expensive one now. Look at the $'s comparables (Ott, Niel, Ruutu etc) earn. They are all in the 2-3M range. Cooke signed 'cheap' and I believe he was ~1.8M/yr. You know that these are the comparables that Maxim's agent is bringing to the table, and he may not be that far off. He IS our Niel/Ott etc. Whether or not managment believes he is on the same level and as deserving as them is a seperate question. However, i can't see him sticking around with low-ball offers when he knows that some teams are willing to open the cheque books to sign similar 10-20G, agitator types to very lucrative contracts.
  23. I think this is the difficulty in signing him. He knows what type of player he is and could plataeu at (an Ott/Avery/Niel/Ruutu type). These guys make atrocious pay-cheques for what they bring to the team (10-20G, and an edge). Without a doubt he and his agent are pushing this aspect that after the Ott's and Cooke's of the league he's the next best agitator and deserves to be paid as such. A 1-1.5M / year for 3-5 years is optimal for the team, and we just have to hope that being the poster boy for home-town success stories is enough of an incentive to sell him on the paycut.
  24. By far, one of the most entertaining players to watch (When he's truly going that is). Hopefully he has a long stay with Montreal, and that the only hold up getting this contract done is the time line. Although bottom-6'rs should never be payed oodles of money on long term deals I wouldn't be opposed to a 4-5 year deal at 1-1.5M/season. He may want a shorter deal in the hopes that he pops 20 goals one year and can cash in, but he's a great fit here and clearly loves to play infront of the home-town fans. Realistically though, he needs to start coming into his own. He was a whole new player once centered by Moore, hopefully he can be relyed upon to be that go-to guy third liner from now on, who can produce the 'Moore-effect' on other younger players. He is at the age where he should be a banger, crasher, pest regardless of who is on his line. If he can do this, he will be a very valuable asset for quite sometime.
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