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  1. Mathradio not exactly sure on waht you're asking. Is it how they differ from oneanother in style you're after maybe ? To generalize AHL is more focused on details (like faceoff's for ex) and Euro leagues (depending on what league you mean, they differ to in some aspects), but the common thing in Euro hockey is that you can say they are more focused on tactics and skill compared to AHL. Tactical knowledge and skill will let you have a career as a pro, while in AHL you may say phisicality and the focus around the two goals is letting you have a career there. Again I stress that this is generalizing. AHL can be good for some players from overseas (Europe) to aclamitize your game to the NA way of style. Some have a hard time to get into the faster (in some areas, slower in others) style for the smaller rinks and the same for bigger ones. The ice surface initself changes the ganme. For ex a defender on big ice needs to be much more mobile and aware of the dangers for his decisions on another level. Then again on a smaler surface you might benefit more from beeing big and strong as a defender to clear the net and dont have to worry about the long way you may have to the danger area if a misstake is made along the boards. Lidström is a prime ex of this, he seldom has to chek his apponant but rather closes in on him and pokecheck him and steer him towards a thight spot. Johm Leclair is a prime ex for a big man with a nasty wrist shot that benefited on a smaller rink (comes closer to the net than on a big surface and faster too). Wich helped his accuracy and power (the man was a great player dont missunderstand me here). Some things just go along better on smal/big ice. It warrys from players to players to, some that look fitted for small ice might actually be more tactical in their style of play and therefore benefit on the bigger ice, contrrary to what some would've belived. Your style and mindset is what determents how you execute your skillset and how you can adapt to a new enviorment (play inteligence). If you are after the competivness and overall skill, then sufice to say AHL isnt among the 5 best leagues in the world imo. That doesnt mean its a bad league, just that it is very NA in its way compared to Euro leagues where often a allround player is more preferd to a specialist (pending on role and skill of course). I remember Souray's first training pass in the lockout year...ha ha ha the man was so beat! He wasnt used to the bigger icesurface and it took him a while to get there, the same thing can be true revesed. Anyway Souray ended up beeing rather good (when he didnt move from the front of the net and let his partner take care of that. His point shot became feared over here to, a real bang of a slapshot and a good guy really. Hope this helped you, peace.
  2. The board wouldnt let me do an edit. Dont forget that SEL and other Euro leagues are for veterans. This is a mans game and for a youngster to make it, it takes some adapting and good patience.
  3. When it comes to the lower scoring/points in SEL in particular its due to the fact of that our hockey is more "organised" and more targeted towards two way style of play. Here in Sweden its more common that a player is educated in both off and def compared to say for ex Russians forwards in KHL (dont focus on defence until late teens or thereabouts). They focus much more on honing their offensive skills. The finish league is more like the KHL in style to really (offensive minded but sometimes lacking in the defensive thought). The ice surface is much bigger over here to so that changes the game on its own in some respects. And of course SEL and other Euro-Leauges have a shorter season (that Flunky already pointed out). Back in the early 90's SEL was so foucused on systems that offensive players almost didnt get any sort of freedom to "create" and do their thing. This has changed the last 15 years or so but the focus is still on how you "control the game" and the pace for it to chocke/overwhelm you opponant down (depending on need and tactics deployed by the other team) and pay dearly for any defensively misstakes. Lately there is more freedom for crativity but I have a feeling on that SEL will never be a league for pure offensive, its just that many leadingg hockey people likes a allround player more than a specialist (although there are of course exceptions in every team nowdays). The thought is that a highly educated player that can do "everything" (PP to Pk) is the way to win in the long run. Frankly a all offensive minded team wouldnt survive in the SEL at all. Well perhaps an Allstar team would but nobody can have that So in order to stay in the SEL and not get regelated you have to know how to defend and attack, not just one or the other. When it comes to Andreas Engqvist's "ceiling" its kind of hard to say, the guy have had a steady rising two way game for the last 3 years now and last year was really a good year. If this is as high as he goes? No one knows. He is one of those players that seems to go under the radar all the time (not drafted for ex) and still pops up and make you go...wow where did he come from kind of thing. A late bloomer if you like, but he is only 22 so not really a late blommer either. My gues to his potential is 3rd or maybe 2nd line center/winger (played winger on national team in this years WC for ex). It comes down to how he adapts and I must say this is a player that thrives in a structured game. He likes to control down the middle and have the game in front of him to make good decsisions both offensively and defensively. Not afraid of going into the coners and do some bordwork either (could improve his puckprotecting a bit more imo, not bad but to rise his game). A very sound player imo, maybe not as exciting to watch as Eller at times but highly effective and he can explode offensively. Always skates and works hard but not all that physical. Like a guy you want beside you and you know he is solid in every aspect of the game but not a superstar in the making. I would love to see how he fares in NHL and think he will do good (if NJ was the team...my oh my what a fit for this guy!). His wrist shot is something I would like to see on smaller rinks to, that may be his biggest asset down the road for making a more important role on a NHL team down the future (all depends on what role/chance you want to give him). Not sure but it looked like he was stronger this year compared to last and more muscle on this boy and he could be really effective so the potential is cleary there, lets see where he will go with it.
  4. Not sure on the exact details on the contract for Engqvist but assume its an entry level two way contract (2 years left) that Montreal gave him. Think I read somewhere that he is willing to go to the Hamilton Bulldogs if not making the team from the camp right away (wich i think he has a good chance of doing). Many speak about Eller but in my opinion AE is equal or maybe even further along right now in his development. Hard to say for me becouse I didnt see Eller to much last year. AE however had a very good year so the race is on between these two. Eller is faster and AE is better two way and has a more wicked wrist (really good one and should suit him well in NHL wich is easier to get closer to the net) shot imo. Due to the trade with Halak I belive the organization is going to favour Eller (right or wrong, thats how these things goes in many bigger clubs). It isnt all that clear that Eller is the better one at this point, should be a fun camp comming up in the fall. Go and get em Tiger
  5. You are welcome bigsby: SEL starts 21 of Sep and the regular season ends on 13 of March http://hockeyligan.se/index.php?gamelist=list see link here. I may not have been clear about the injuried hand on Andreas its more that he is sore and not used to play with it yet more than anything else (from what I gather anyway). Its more of a precossion (sp?) for the SEL start that he declined the offer of the national team in this touroment. You see he played in Nordic Trophy for his team Djurgården (wich they won this year btw) the last couple of week/s and now felt some pain in his old injuried hand. Its nothing all that bad but a little different to play among pro's compared to the rookie camp earlier this summer in Montreal, but it shouldnt be a problem for all that much longer one would suspect. The last question I am not sure entierly on what you mean, but I think Andreas will take part in next years training camp for Montreal and not this year. He is concentrating on SEL this season and not NHL/AHL wich I belive was a part of the agremeent between Habs, DIF and Andreas himself to this signing. I think the Habs have been very honroble and respectfull in this (dont know the details, could been a demand from Andreas too or DIF). Montreal was interested in him before his injury last season so who knows. If you mean that contarcted players are "bought out" from their Swe contracts and then sign with a NHL team and then go to training camp to try and crack the lineup, then yes it happens and it can be several reasons for this. Like a clause or that the two clubs is in a agreement or sometimes a player buy himself out to go over the Atlantic (since Sweden dont have a agreement with NHL right now) but usually/mostly things are done in a honroble way to compensate the Swedish clubs somewhat (small dollars but better then none and this is a big problem right now for SEL).
  6. Just a little quick update on Engqvist for those who wants to know. He was named on the roster for the Swedish national team to play in the Czech hockey games (part of the Euro hockey tour) but had to decline due to his hand not beeing a 100%. Shouldnt be anything to worry about in the long run though. Anyway i just wanted to let people know that this is a comming man and hope he has a good year and develop even further so he can crack the Habs line up next year.
  7. If you mean this season then he is going to honor his contract with Djurgården and thats been reported widely (at least here in Sweden). Next year though he will get a chance to crack the Habs line up.
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