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  1. not sure where he fits in on the roster anymore.
  2. It is hard to compare any players career in the post 1993 era to anyone playing in the 70s dynasty. For starters, Saku never had a decent set of linemates in his career, IMHO. Lafleur was great, but he also had Shutt and Lemaire to help him out. Robinson was great, but he had some awesome D-men with him in Lapointe and Savard. Dryden was great, but he had some great players in front of him too. etc, etc, etc Saku was a ballsy captain for many years, did a lot for the community, was a consummate professional and deserves his jersey in the rafters. There are more things to consider than PPG.
  3. Yep. I hope he heats up, we desperately need 15 or 20 from him this year, as it appears most games are going to be 1 goal dogfights.
  4. I'm not pinning it on Gui. I just said his performance is not up to par for a 3rd liner, not that he was the key factor in the 2-5 record we have.
  5. We are so bad defensively already, how does this guy get any even strength time? I guess we try for 10 games to see if he can spark the offence and not make too many defensive blunders. I think he will be on a real short leash, and has a real good shot of not finishing the season in Montreal.
  6. 1 point in 7 games is not acceptable even for a 3rd liner.
  7. Hey, he's on pace for a 12 point year. Double digits, woohoo!!!
  8. Gui needs to play more like Moen. Use that big size and decent scoring touch to great some mayhem for the goalies. Run 'em over Gui !!
  9. Mixed feelings on this one. I guess Bob figured we need a puck moving D-Man to get the puck to our $20mm first line forwards. Also not sure if a guy like Bergeron is going to help with the 40+ shots per game we are giving up.
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