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  1. How much are you looking to spend? You can get him a jersey $100.00 or so,or if you really really love him you could get him a Forum chair $750.00 and up.
  2. Good to see you haven't been brain washed by the Toronto media.
  3. Hi Thomas from Halifax here long time Habs fan. It was my wish to see a game played at The Forum it never happened so I then wanted a chair from The Forum. I now have said chair and have sence got 6 auto's on it. I collect hockey and my basement has even been on tv.My wife and I painted the floor as a rink (Montreal of course) and all wall space is filled with signed hockey...jerseys,sticks,pictures,art...I collect all teams but Montreal is my passion with Team Canada a close 2nd. As always GO HABS GO ...and my thought are with Bob and his family at this time.
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