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  1. he already has two jerseys and although i do really love him...lol, we can't afford the forum chair!! lol but great ideas tho, keep em coming!!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been brainwashed (eagerly) into becoming a Habs fan by my Fiance. Since i never had a team that i followed, i'm sure it wasn't a hard thing to do. Part of the reason i've joined this forum was because i needed some ideas. My fiance and I are getting married in March and for the second half of our honeymoon we're going to Montreal (currently live in Brampton) for playoffs!! We're really excited. I'd really like to do something really cool for my fiance "Hab-related" since he's just about the most die-hard fan i've ever met. Does anyone have any ideas, besides tickets of course, for something that I could do for him. I thought of getting him to see the change room or meet some of the guys, but not sure if that would be allowed or if they even do that during playoffs. And how the heck would i set it up? Ideas anyone? Thanks, Dana
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