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  1. My brother got Fleury's autograph last year, said he was an awesome guy, spoke to him for awhile, Fleury even told him what La Stanza restaurant him and a few others would be eating at later, overall amazing experience.
  2. thank you thank you, the avatar still makes me chuckle
  3. Revamped my Sig to be more directed to my actual forum name, and i got a matching Avatar now was my favorite game as a kid, and still to this day, any legend of Zelda game, is a good game, what you guys think? :cool:
  4. You can also attend the game as early as possible and try to make your way down to ice level while the players are warming up, i've known alot of people who were successful at getting autographs that way, most noteable, someone got Crosby;s autograph last season that way.
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