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  1. Give Markov, Cammalleri and Gomez the 'A's. No 'C' until the all-star break, and by that point it will be obvious as to who our next captain will be. I'm still hopeful that Saku returns like reports say he might, but if not, I would think our biggest aquisition would be Cammer, give him the C come January.
  2. Koivu, if he's back. Kovalev doesn't deserve it, and I hope he doesn't return. Those are saying Markov? That's ridiculous, he is SO quiet, a leader needs to be vocal. I'd be fine with Komisarek, if he's back. If not, Higgins? But we'll have to wait and see who signs where, right?
  3. Hey Habsolute, it's JERismatic from LG. Nice work on the sig!
  4. I made my signature just the other day, how does everyone like it? Hopefully I can keep up an post here more often, always seems to be so much going on.
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