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  1. What I'm hopin for right now would get me kicked off this forum. Do you even like the Habs? Are you just going from thread to thread to talk jibberish? Did you ever get in trouble growing up (assuming you're not still in the process though the odds don't look good based on your posts) for having WAY too much to say without ever actually saying anything? I know I'm supposed to lay off other posters but I feel like forgetting about that little tidbit every time I read something ridiculous like this.

    Do you ever comment on hockey or just critique others' posts. :blink: Weird

  2. responsible for 3 of the flames goals, weak on Nystrom on the first goal then the other 2 brutal turnovers that ended in out net, that last turnover that led to the flames winner oh good lord ridiculous to lay the puck on the oppositions stick like that.

    coming off an injury or not you cant be that weak, you think you would be fired up

    I'd give him another chance,but I can't understand over the last year how our younger players don't seem fired up to keep their jobs and seem too comfortable and/or entitled to be here.SK 74 is the extreme case,but not the only one. Lats,Pacs,Dags,Stew and even Laps have had to be sent to the pressbox for motivation.

  3. Seems like an ok pickup, but his vlaue comes at the price he signed for. I hope he has a good year.

    Welcome aboard MAB!

    The guy obviouly sucks if no other team would sign him for a measly $750k. we'd be so much better off developing Webber or Carle and see what they got to bring for the future instead of going back to the soft players BG likes to bring aboard

  4. Mixed feelings on this one. I guess Bob figured we need a puck moving D-Man to get the puck to our $20mm first line forwards. Also not sure if a guy like Bergeron is going to help with the 40+ shots per game we are giving up.

    I guess Breezy wasn't available,so BG got the next best thing. I might as well forget about our new toughness and heart on this team,another pipsqeak to get pushed around. I really hate this move,and I really hope BG gets canned.I can't stand him as a GM anymore,I hope the Molsons do the right thing and kick him to the curb before he screws this team up any worse than he has the last 6 years.

  5. Way to give the guy a fair shake. Pfft.

    I mean seriously - people wonder why no one wants to play in montreal. Its a new year & the guy hasnt even stepped on the ice but you've already got preconceived biases towards him.

    Gook luck Kyle. This is your make or break year imho. I hope its the "make" :)

    "people wonder why no one wants to play in montreal". That's bull crap.The main issue is the taxes. This guy has not shown to be a top 12 forward for what's needed on our team so far.In a physical game vs.TO last year he turned into a perimeter player. He's not taking Metro's or Laps' place as a center.His only hope is for an injury or play some wing if D'ags or Pacs gets sent down.

  6. Oddly enough, while heading to work in hamilton this summer, i ran into Kyle.

    He is really a down to earth guy. The one striking thing about him though, is that he's flippin huge. He looks more like a football player than a hockeyplayer.

    Maybe this summer he decided to bulk up, so he could play a meaner style of game? If this is the case, great, he seemed to be able to handle himself for a few games, but never had the pizzaz to be worthy of a constant roster spot. If he can bring a Moen like game to the ice, theres no way he would give up the roster spot.

    It would be fantastic to have Two, hard-checking, defensive lines that you would happily line up against any opposing line.

    Good luck Kyle

    That is what we all want and are waiting to see if it happens

  7. I don't know if it's that he's "Scared" to take it straight to the net, but I think he feels he's pretty sly sneaking around the back. He should simplify and take it to the house more often, though. Eventually goaltenders will just stay deep, and wait for the wrap-around. Maybe it work better if he could find a trailer coming down the middle, but his passing isn't as good as Gomez's.

    Martin won't put up with his crap like carbo did.He was scared of komi,and wouldn't drive the net. He'll have to do better than a 16 goal season to stay here this year

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