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  1. Iv read a couple of places that he is actually 190 pounds. Iv also seen some highlights of this guy and Iv got to say he looks pretty impressive. Slick hands, fast skater and looks like this guy loves to drive the net hard. Hope he does well in training camp and shows his stuff during the season. If 12 plus teams had there eye on this guy and offering him max elc contact he can't be all that bad. Hope he has a smooth transition to the n/a game.
  2. I went to see crisp play in Sudbury a couple of weeks ago and he is a big part of that team. I was pretty impressed with that I saw from him. Good defensively good offensively and he is a physical presents out there. He score a beauty to tie the game seconds after they went down 1-0. He currently has 18 goals and 16 assists (34 points) in 44 games.
  3. Its a tuff call for the reffs but i honestly dont think there should have been a penalty there... there was a good foot and a half between him and the boards when he got hit. It could have knocked the wind out of him and it takes a second or two to get it back. i dont think he faked anything just because it took him a few seconds to get up. ither way hopefully him and Galchenyuk and Gallagher will have a good game tonight!
  4. Pac-DD-Cole Galchenyuk-Pleks-Gionta Gallagher-Eller-Bourque (armstrong or moen could fill in for bourque or gallagher if they need a little motivation) Prust-White-Moen (armstrong to fill in for ither of the wingers) Subban-Goerges Markov-Emelin Diaz-Bouillon-kaberle i feel we could run all 4 lines. and well gomez can ride the box and play the odd game or fill in for gallagher in the A. UNLESS (VERY UNLICKELY) gomez shows up with some fire in his heart to prove every one wrong and if so u dump him to any team willing to give up a puck or two for him
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