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  1. Well the way he stated it seemed to allude to management trading away halak so price could have no contest the starters job and no one to push him or threaten his position...and that is not true.
  2. Well that all depends on the length of the contract. Im quite sure price has no trouble signing a 1 year 2.2 deal. The problem is if Montreal are trying to sign him to a 4 year deal at 2.4M/yr, He and most others know that in a year or 2 help will most likely be worth double that. Would you lock yourself into a long term contract knowing full well there is a very good chance you could make upwards of double your salary half way through your contract?
  3. I guess that depends on the level of compression in which CSKA Moscow recieves.
  4. I sure hope you arent going where I think you are with this..
  5. I honestly cant say what would be the best song/s on Master of Puppets, the entire album is pure greatness, not one weak point anywhere to be found. I guess there is a reason it was voted the all-time best metal record ever recorded.
  6. Metallica - Orion One of the best metal instrumentals of all time.
  7. So wait, you are not a Hal Gill fan?
  8. looked very solid in my books last night.
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