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  1. well ive used photoshop in the past for stuff, just never rly tried to make a sig, the font i had help from a tutorial :D .. if u have any tips or suggestions plz chip in eh[/quote:8ffb912af3]

    I searched a little for you (Google):







    Hope it helps :wink:

    @Alex-Habsfan23: How do you made that with Paint? :shock:

    just amazing.

  2. I'll try to put up a sig by tommorow or the day after. :shock: WOW your sigs are so cool kimmy_ok. The only program to make sigs with is paint :cry: so they aren't that great.[/quote:927b333f94]

    Thanks sun1, yeap i have to admit, paint is one of the most basic program available but you still can make something out of it right? :wink:

    Me and dr_sanch are expecting your artwork soon :D[/quote:927b333f94]

    Im kinda new to internet .... is photoshop like a program u buy or is it something you download...is it expensive or does it depend on how basic ure photoshop is? and where can I get it?[/quote:927b333f94]

    Get the Gimp


    Thanks... but is it photoshop?[/quote:927b333f94]

    No, this is Photoshop: http://www.5star-shareware.com/Windows/Gra...p-download.html

    (free 30 day trial)

    yeah i got a lil photoshop action going on.. got a free demo for 30 days somewere, bro did it so it was on the computer... i have a lil previous photoshop experiance but its very basic, heres 1st sig ive made with help from a website...[/quote:927b333f94]

    first sig? :shock:

    looks very good!

    my first sig was terriblly... and now I'm also not particularly good.

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