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  1. i have HABS1011 on my Ontario plate 10 my sons birthday and 11 birth month
  2. lol well i sure no one here will hold it against you im mean it wasn't your fault the other team lost the bruins won the cup.
  3. your right he did make his money selling violence, so we shouldn't be surprised at all about what he thought about the drity hit on max .. i'm sickened by anyone who saw the hit as a hockey play gone wrong or as a unfortunate accident cause we all know no matter what chara could of (if he wasn't out to get max) grabbed on and hooked him or something but he saw he could make a play that would hurt him instead and almost killed him ..
  4. how to add a pic to my profile that shows up under my name when i post ..
  5. cause as i'm sure you know as many others do, chara didn't hear it cause he was afraid of what he might have really done to max HE IS GUILTY of almost if not *i really hope NOT* destroying max's career
  6. cause as i'm sure you know as many others do, even chara HE IS GUILTY of almost destroying patches career
  7. lol yeah guess your right to bad he was on the bench when it happened but it probably was his fault if he hadn't been they would have went after him not patches
  8. i should have known it was the stanchions fault not chara's what was i thinking or wait maybe it was the bell centers fault .. god i'm so sick of the real person who is to blame getting away with it
  9. I was thinking the same thing when I watched the hit chara didn't look back and thought about the cros hit ..
  10. For some reason I watched don cherry tonight too see what he had to say about chara’s hit .. Then I quickly remembered he pro bruins and leafs and dose not think much of the habs and he couldn’t even remember pacioretty name for crying out loud. waste of time is all his little show is
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