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  1. if this were on the leaf board, it'd sound something like this: Sometimes I love the leafs, ever since I was a little kid and I listened to them get knocked out of the playoffs consistently on the radio because I was grounded for actually using logic (my dad hated when i did that, he is a true leaf fan)... The feeling of pure disappointment when I got out of school bus the following morning and every kid at school was crying and screaming. I remember going through all of high school and never missing a single game... just the thought of todd gill and the '93 loss to the kings makes me wretch all over... the puck going off his skate and in is frozen in my mind... Pretty much everything since then has been a dry desert, and i wont lie, i've almost given up hope completely. My wife recently gave birth to our first mutant, half man, half lizard, born hours after we had turned off the radio in the delivery room and listened as that annoying joe bowen moaned when we lost to ottawa, a team I hate but that still give me warm memories of getting absolutely slaughtered... Alfredsson... Spezza... healtley... even ray emery... The poor child is not even three weeks old and yet nothing makes me feel happier than dressing him up in his little bay street suit to sit down and watch the games in complete silence... he hasn't missed one yet! Instead of memories, it gives me hope of the fun we'll have together when I take him to his first live game sitting in the platinums (which are mostly empty), when he laces up his own skates for the first time, and falls, I cant wait. well, sorry to bore you all with this, I had a friend over yesterday and we were talking about money and I guess it jogged my memory... back to work... hope I posted this in the right place...
  2. Hey Everyone: I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I tried to get a username and account on here right after the game in Toronto (I was there, if any of you saw someone with a huge habs flag and a damphousse jersey, that was me), but I couldnt get on in time to join the post-season (as in, post-elimination, not playoffs) discussions. I'm really looking forward to joining the discussions here. I was heartbroken at the end of the season, but man was I ever thrilled when the Islanders won. Anyway, a la saison prochaine, and to lively summer discussions when we sign someone exciting This season was the most memorable one I can remember, namely because my girlfriend is now a converted, die-hard habs fan. Josh
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