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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I'm enjoying this forum so far and it's only been a day! Any other journalists in here?
  2. My second favourite team is Jersey, mostly for Marty Brodeur and what he has done with that organization, but I'm sure I'll be watchin' and routin' for the Canucks at some point or another. Best of luck!
  3. Hey, fellow Habs fans! So sad that the Habs season has come to an end, but I love forums and love talking about my team. I haven't been a fan for as long as most of you, but I grew up watching the Canadiens as my Dad is a HUGE fan! I'm not all about hockey, although I'd like to get more into it. I look forward to reading all of your posts and contributing to discussions. Check out my profile and drop me a message anytime! Svea
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