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  1. Thanks, that's probably it. I guess they must have felt that he could have intentionally aggravated the injury somehow.
  2. To be fair, Max had his playoff moments in the past. He didn't get the job done this time, but that doesn't mean he's worthless all of a sudden. He's still a great hockey player and one of the best goalscorers in the game. If we're going to trade him, and it's certainly an idea worth considering, it absolutely has to be for a massive return.
  3. Not sure where to put this since the GDT is (thankfully) closed already: Could someone explain to me why we didn't get a 4 minute PP last night after the high-stick on Davidson? Julien was visibly upset with the refs but they never changed the call. I'm not trying to make excuses or even imply that we would've scored a goal, which we certainly wouldn't have, I'm just genuinely curious because I always thought drawing blood on a high-stick would lead to an automatic double minor.
  4. If he scores on that blast to tie the game instead of firing the puck right in Lundqvist's glove, we might be singing a different tune though but that's hockey. You're right though, he's not going to be materially better than he was this year. All we can hope for now is that he's not going to get much worse. I feel bad for Weber though because he'll never be able to meet expectations in Montreal and that's entirely on MB. I really like the guy, I honestly love his skillset and what he brings, but he'll never be as important to this team as Subban was. We actually need to find a legit #2 LHD now who complements Weber in order to maximize our return on trading Subban, which is simply absurd if you think about it.
  5. Subban was clutch here IMO, going way back to his first playoffs series he's ever played under Jacques Martin. Off the top of my head, I remember him tying a game 7 late against the Bruins in 2011 (?) and scoring an 2OT winner in another playoff series against the Bruins in 2014. Pacioretty? No so much memories. Lots of regular season goals though.
  6. At this point, the current roster has so many holes I don't even know where to start. I agree on your trade priorities and would probably add Beaulieu to the list if it means we're getting that #2 LHD to play big minutes with Weber. While I do feel that Emelin has some value, trading Plekanec will be virtually impossible given his salary I'm afraid. The best we can hope for is getting rid of his salary through the expansion draft or some sort of minor deal with a cash-strapped team. Even if we're trading both Emelin and Beaulieu, we still need to make a decision with respect to Benn and Markov. That would also give Sergachev another year in the minors, which is probably the right thing to do. Nesterov, King, Flynn, Ott, and Martinsen can walk obviously, they don't add much value and can easily be replaced internally or through the UFA market. I really liked Ott in the playoffs but his skillset is not something we should prioritize right now. If there are any reasonable offers for Shaw and/or Byron, I probably wouldn't hesitate and pull the trigger. Byron had a great year but my gut tells me that he can't be a consistent 20-goal scorer in this league. Using him on the third line and as a PKer is perfectly fine though plus he's on a cheap contract, so moving him isn't a priority at all. We absolutely must NOT sign him to some silly long-term deal though. Just saying, it's happened before with other players. So, that leaves us with the major question mark that is Galchenyuk's status on the team right now. At some point, we need to decide once and for all if he's going to be a center or a winger. Going back and forth on this isn't going to help anyone, his confidence level is probably at an all-time low after the injury and switching positions repeatedly under two different coaches. I understand the concerns with his defensive game but he's hands down the most gifted scoring center we have on the team and therefore needs to be surrounded with scorers, not pluggers and grinders with size. If management decides during the offseason that he's not going to be used as a scoring center, we'll probably have no choice but to trade him for one. The most likely candidate would obviously be Matt Duchene, yet a 1-for-1 swap would be like the Subban trade all over again, i.e. we'd get older and not necessarily better long-term.
  7. Before the summer of 2016 and aside from his man-crush on MT, I've always liked him and actually think he did a good job as our GM. I also liked his trades and could see the reasoning behind most deals, i.e. Petry, Danault, Weise, Vanek, Ryder, Kassian, etc. Then he traded Subban for Weber, acquired and signed Shaw to an idiotic contract and also traded Eller for picks. Every single one of his moves since the Subban deal has actually made this team not better but considerably worse IMO (getting Benn for Pateryn being the exception). Before the Subban trade and after Galchenyuk finished the season at C scoring 30 goals, I felt that we were one scoring center (and a competent coach) away from being a contender. I felt we simply needed to package Desharnais with picks and a prospect for a useful 2C and let's go. Right now, after all the silly moves MB has pulled in the last 10 months, I think we're missing a mobile, puck-moving LH #2 Dman to play with Weber plus a legitimate 1st and 2nd line center. Instead of being a contender, we're now a mediocre team that's not going to win the Cup anytime soon. So yes, not only did his 5-year plan fail spectacularly, he actually managed to make this team worse. Much worse. I think it's time to cut the losses and move on. In its current state, this team isn't going to win anything. It's probably not the time for a complete rebuild but there's a lot of work to be done in the summer.
  8. Hands down the most talented forward we have on the roster. Throughout the entire series, Radulov was the only guy who didn't seem to panic once he had the puck in the neutral or offensive zone. He likes to play here and we can't afford to lose him, it's as simple as that.
  9. Very disappointing year after scoring 30 goals for the first time in his career and having a really strong start to the season. For whatever reason, I feel he was never the same player after that knee-on-knee with Kopitar. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they swap him for someone who they think can play first line center. After having played 350+ games of pro hockey in his career, it's probably safe to say that Galchenyuk won't ever be that guy in Montreal.
  10. Look, it's a tough league. Even the Hawks were swept.
  11. Yes, excellent asset management. Why should get a valuable return for star players like Pacioretty or Price when we can just let them walk for nothing, right?
  12. It's what this team is built for, right?
  13. It's not over, but we need a much better performance than in the second to make it to OT.
  14. Why would we not get a 4 minute penalty there?!
  15. Rangers were the much better team in the 2nd, we desperately need a goal.