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  1. Me too, that was a good team. It's just that the wheels fell off after losing Lang and Tanguay to season-ending injuries (if memory serves). Wasn't that the year of the dreaded Barbershop jerseys?
  2. Don't really care for Button but there's no denying that MB had a strong offseason IMO. Other teams had too and we still have a ways to go but as it stands, this is team vastly improved. I'm not big on the Edmundson deal but I'll readily admit that I haven't seen him play much and I'm absolutely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even though we're not in the 90s anymore, there's still something to be said about being tough to play against. I'd rather have a more mobile (not necessarily offensive-minded) LHD back there because it's just the nature of today's game but who knows, maybe Romanov is that guy. Besides, our cupboard isn't bare. We're still in a position to use prospects/draft picks/players on expiring contracts to upgrade. 2021 won't be easy given our Cap situation and something's got to give, but IMO that's not necessarily a bad problem to have. The ED will be a factor and change the entire dynamic in the offseason, it's going to be interesting. And with all those moves this year, MB has finally made a statement that he's willing to ice a competitive team.
  3. I think we're in pretty good shape actually and I'm going to give MB credit where it's due. After the last years of treading water, he's done way more than I expected him to this offseason and finally made good use of the Cap space we have. Sure, some of the contracts seem a little rich (Anderson, Edmundson, maybe Gallagher) but if Molson can afford it, why shouldn't he spend it to improve the team? I still don't really like our left side on D but I can see what he's trying to do. We're also still missing truly elite talent up front but that applies to a large number of teams and it's certainly not easy to fix. What we do have is the best goalie tandem in the league, a good to (arguably) very good defense, and excellent forward depth. Unless both Suzuki and Kotkaniemi continue their progression to the point that they're absolutely lights-out next season, I don't think we figure among the Top 5 in the league and can be considered a real Cup contender, but in my opinion this is clearly a playoff team and I like our chances against virtually anyone in a 7-game series. That's the best roster we've had in quite a while and for the first time in years, I'm really looking forward to the next season and see how this team performs. If there's a season, of course
  4. Agreed, Kreider also signed his inflated deal pre-COVID, so I don't think it should be used as a benchmark for Gallagher. I love Gally and would absolutely hate to lose him, he's the heart and soul of this team IMO and has given us more than we could have possibly asked for under his current deal. But if that's truly what he's after, it's a pass for me. There's a lot of mileage on that body already and 7-year deals hardly work out anyway, that's just too rich for my taste. Vancouver seems to be very interested, maybe there's a deal to be had around Virtanen/Gallagher if negotiations truly don't go anywhere down the road.
  5. I like the signing, it gives us plenty of options in the top 9 and allows for proper development of Ylonen and Caufield in the AHL. Definitely the best lineup we've had in years IMO. I'm still not bullish on our LDs but they should get the job done defensively and I'm looking forward to see how Romanov is going to adapt.
  6. I'm surprised he didn't even try. Our salary cap situation was created by MB himself when he added Allen and Edmundson for a combined ~9M. I would've preferred Lundqvist over Allen, then trade Byron or Tatar and you have your Cap space - at least for a year. It's funny because usually we make an offer and the best UFAs turn us down, then MB tells us UFAs don't want to come here and how hard it all is. This year - if all the talk in the media was accurate - it seems that Montreal was very much an option for Hall, we still didn't get him htough because well... Edmundson and Allen were bigger prioritites I guess.
  7. Fair enough, he would have improved our fourth line for sure and possibly could have been useful as a short-term replacement on other lines as well. Still quite a lot of money to spend on a a guy who's essentially penciled in as a fourth liner. On the other hand, if we don't spend the money elsewhere, it wouldn't really matter on a short term deal I guess.
  8. Agreed, there's no real need and I don't see the point of wasting a roster spot for a guy like Simmonds at this stage of his career. He's not going to tip the scales either way on this team IMO, so why bother.
  9. I think so too. Plus I always liked them, so I don’t mind them picking up a few good players. Also looking forward to see Seider next season (hopefully).
  10. Good for them, they need it.
  11. Hard pass!
  12. If Hall really wants to come here, I‘d definitely trade Tatar and another guy to make room. We‘d have a completely different team offensively with some real skill and balanced lines. I don’t think it‘ll work out though, after the Anderson deal and considering who needs contract extensions next year, we‘d be pretty close to the Cap I believe.
  13. So unfortunate what happened injury-wise, I really liked Juulsen when he made the team and thought he'd be a keeper. Still hoping he can stay healthy, but that freak injury is just a major concern.
  14. Well, I would have preferred Reichel but I'm clearly biased
  15. Oh, we added a 3rd? Thought it was a one for one, MB vintage move. Thought Domi's value was a little higher to be honest, Anderson comes with question marks attached after all.