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  1. Agreed, stretches like the current one are inevitably going to happen to middling teams. We have a decent forward group and can score by committee but we're lacking true star power. We lost against Toronto, Tampa, and Florida because their big guns came through when they needed them, and we lost against Nashville because we couldn't solve Rinne. It also doesn't help that Kotkaniemi is stuck with two guys that can't finish consistently. I really like Lehkonen and Armia and I do like the line but man, their lack of scoring is brutal to watch. Lehkonen has like 3 assists and no goals in his last 20+ games.
  2. No doubt, the model thing seems way overblown. I think he'll sign a contract with the team that's going to offer him the most money, which is likely going to be a big-market team anyway. I also wouldn't be surprised if he just went back to Chicago, he's had great chemistry with Kane and the Hawks don't have the same Cap trouble anymore.
  3. Absolutely, but I'm guessing Florida would want at least Poehling plus our 1st rounder for Huberdeau, and I'm not sure that'll be enough to be honest. He's a really good scoring winger on a very reasonable contract signed for another 4 years, he won't come cheap. However, since they reportedly want both Panarin and Bobrovsky, they'd probably have to unload either Luongo's or Reimer's contract in the process...
  4. I think we'd have to add substantially to get Sergachev back, even if Callahan's contract was included in the deal. Healthy scratch or not, he's a 2nd-year player on one of the best teams in the league and still has huge upside. I just don't see Tampa giving us Sergachev for peanuts, that would essentially mean they traded Drouin away and have nothing to show for it. Point will get a substantial raise and Stralman, Girardi, and Coburn all need to be extended/replaced this summer, so I'm not sure they're willing to trade their only Dman on a cheap contract to do so, who will also need to be replaced. Maybe it makes more sense to try and get Tampa Bay's first rounder instead, something like Callahan and Tampa's 1st in 2019 for one of our later picks or a middling prospect could work for both sides.
  5. Football coach Jose Mourinho at a ceremonial puck drop in the KHL. Sneaky Datsyuk
  6. Instead of competing for last place with the Senators, as most of us probably expected, we're in a pretty good position and right in the middle of the playoff race. I don't think we'd stand a chance against Tampa Bay or Toronto in a 7-game series but could probably give Boston a run for their money. The additions of Domi, Tatar, and Kotkaniemi have changed the complexion of the team and made us much more difficult to play against. I do miss Pacioretty's goal scoring but Tatar has been the better overall player, both the Domi and Pacioretty trades look really good right now.
  7. Modern journalism
  8. C'mon TSN, I know it's basically Leafs TV but they should still be capable of using a spell check before publishing stuff online.
  9. The offer could be a starting point but I think the Ducks can do better on the open market. Despite his recent play, I don't think that Benn has much value. I like Evans and he seems to be doing ok in the AHL, yet he's completely unproven at the NHL level. Hudon seems to have taken a step back this season, so I'm not sure the Ducks will be interested. Our first-rounder has value but that's really it, the three other pieces are mediocre/unproven, so I'd expect Anaheim to want more. Yeah, Suzuki+ looks more like what they'd want in return. Tough call, we definitely need a top four guy to play with Weber and I can imagine Fowler being a great addition in that regard. I'm not sure I'd be willing to part ways with Suzuki though.
  10. No thanks to Muzzin, he's a fine Dman and comes with a reasonable Cap hit but given the asking price, it's not really what we need. Fowler is very intriguing and his name came up before. I'd love to add him but it certainly won't be cheap. There's no reason for the Ducks to trade him for spare parts plus he has a NTC I believe, so I don't think it'll work out.
  11. Petry should have been the guy (or possibly Domi) but I'm not surprised Price made it. It's the NHL after all. I don't really care to be honest, I can't even remember the last time I've watched an ASG.
  12. If I were GM, I'd be really happy that Milan Lucic didn't accept my contract offer Just realized that Lucic has 1 goal in 39 games this season... with a 6M cap hit until 2023. Ouch.
  13. Agreed, these condensed games are also available via directly, just select the appropriate option in the dropdown menu. Pretty useful to follow other teams around the league as well, it's great.
  14. I've never felt the trade was a disaster, it's just that MB acquired another LW without any real need and traded away the only legit LHD prospect we had in the system. I didn't like Drouin at center at all last season, but Drouin/Domi do look great together this year (I've only been watching the condensed games in the last two weeks, so I don't have full insight) and he's producing really well. That said, some degree of regression is almost to be expected from younger players in their second year (sophomore slump and whatnot). I still think Sergachev is a legit top four guy, which is extremely valuable. He may not be a real No1 guy but I do think he would look amazing with Shea Weber. Too bad we'll never find out.