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  1. The best we can hope for is that maybe other teams need to unload a contract to make room for a rental, which is clearly a terrible strategy with minimal upside. Maybe some team will need to trade a player to get under the cap in the offseason, but we're not the only franchise with available Cap space and the perfect timing for that strategy was probably last summer during the expansion draft (e.g. the Marcus Johansson trade). Either way, all that Cap space is doing nada for us this season and that's probably not going to change, unless we spend it on UFAs, which usually tend to be overpaid and often don't even want to come here. Off the top of my head, there aren't many players available that could help us. Tavares isn't going to end up in Montreal, John Carlson is definitely interesting but yet another RHD, though James Neal or JvR could be options to replace Pacioretty if they hit the market. Bringing back Lars Eller could also help, given our black hole down the middle. He's clearly not the solution as a scoring center but Danault-Eller-Plekanec(?) would still be much better than what we have now.
  2. Yep, my thoughts as well. I don't know who ultimately called the shots on Subban, Markov, Radulov, Sergachev, 'rebuilding' the D or firing that stats guy etc. but it's hard to fathom that it's all on Bergevin alone. Those guys must have had a say at some point, if not they aren't needed anyway and should be let go due to total ineptitude and lack of foresight.
  3. I'd probably understand the decision if we had options, which we don't. Galchenyuk has put up points as a scoring center, which is something everybody else on this roster has failed to do. Every single player. Sure, there are guys who are MUCH better defensively, but they won't score and thus won't help you win. Given our atrocious D, we'll need to score goals to win games since we aren't going to shutout anyone. So instead of letting Galchenyuk do his thing and live with his shortcomings (and you know, maybe increase his trade value since scoring centers are in much higher demand than wingers), we're one of the worst teams in the league, can't score goals, look terrible defensively and simply won't win many hockey games this season. But hey, at least we've got defensively responsible centers. Did I mention the guys hate losing? Maybe I should get a dog.
  4. You're right and CJ certainly isn't beyond criticism, but what can he possibly say at this point? The truth is our GM built a terrible team that's going absolutely nowhere, how are we supposed to win hockey games with guys like De La Rose, Byron, Plekanec and Froese down the middle? I'm not familiar with all the rosters but I'm willing to bet there are AHL teams with better or at least comparable center depth.
  5. Trending towards a bottom 5 finish in year 6 of MB's reign, good job dude. I'm sure glad we got all that skilled selfishness out of the room though and replaced it with real character guys who totally hate to lose. Quite frankly, I don't think there's a way this guy can possibly stick around longer if we truly end up with a lottery pick after all the moves he's pulled. This team is so incredibly boring and brutal to watch, I'm starting to not even care anymore. It doesn't matter what line combinations we're going to use or how many meetings behind closed doors they're going to have, this roster is built terribly wrong and simply not good enough to make the playoffs.
  6. Not sure what this ranking is supposed to mean but on what planet are Patrick Maroon or Mike Hoffman more sought-after trade candidates than Max Pacioretty? Then there's Cody Franson, who literally just cleared waivers, at #16 while Tomas Plekanec isn't listed at all?
  7. 1. How many more wins will the Habs get? 20 2. Who will be the next Hab to score 3 points in a game? Galchenyuk 3. Who (if anybody) will be the first Hab traded by, or before the deadline? Plekanec 4. How many games will our backup(s) start? 6 5. Who will be the next call up from Laval? Scherbak 6. Who will finish the year HERE with the most goals? Gallagher 7. The first Hab to score a goal after the Allstar break will be? Byron 8. How many more games will Mete start? 12 9. How many more goals will Weber score in the last 40 games? 5 10. Will MB finish the year as GM? Yes
  8. Melnick asked Ferraro if he was confused by Bergevin’s statement that in a perfect world Drouin would be on the wing but that for now he’s the best the Canadiens have as a No. 1 centre. “I don’t know why you’re confused,” Ferraro said jokingly. “I was blown away with that statement,” the analyst added. “You’re going to trade your No. 1 prospect for a player that doesn’t address your biggest need and you’re going to play him out of position — the new guy — and you’re going to know that he doesn’t belong there. That’s not confusing, that’s dumb-founding.”
  9. I hear Brent Seabrook was a healthy scratch last night, I'm sure MB is working the phones already
  10. Couldn't agree more, and to think that he traded away our most valuable asset in Sergachev for yet another winger who's all of a sudden supposed to be our 1st line center even though he never played the position before is complete lunacy. Seriously, centers do get traded, other GMs are capable of acquiring them, especially when you're willing to deal a highly-touted D prospect like Sergachev.
  11. The team isn't good enough to win consistently.
  12. Maybe we can get PK back
  13. I don't think anyone called Weber 'some okay Dman' but please feel free to come up with as many straw man arguments as you like, no need to be sorry about it. As for the second part in bold, I agree, we're definitely done here.
  14. Looks like Vegas has different plans after all:
  15. Not sure why you think it's crazy. Weber is a great player, yet he's older, slower, and generally less mobile while the entire league is increasingly about speed and quick transition – and it's only going to get worse given his age. He's got the better shot and you won't find him out of position much, simply because he doesn't really pinch. It's not his game, which is perfectly fine when you have Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis or Mathias Ekholm to take care of that. I don't remember Kaberle's exact numbers but wasn't his salary somewhere around 4M? Compare that to Weber's close to 8M for another 8 years or Plekanec' 6M for 30 points. Not saying it was a great move but we didn't give up anything, took a gamble and essentially lost cap space. Compliance buyout or not, Kaberle wasn't going to be here for 10 years, they would probably have bought him out anyway. What really broke Gauthier's neck IMO was trading Cammalleri mid-game. If memory serves, the optics were really bad at the time and it didn't go down well at all in the room.