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  1. Nice to see that he's being recognized for his play, not only in Nashville but league-wide. It's unfortunate that our GM seems to have a completely different agenda.
  2. I can't help it, I really dislike Boston but it's just great to see the Leafs lose.
  3. MB just keeps on going, eh? Not that I'm against the idea of trading Price (read: a full rebuild) in general, I just think it's nuts that our GM has absolutely no qualms trading the only two legit franchise players this team has had in a very long time based on completely subjective and non-quantifiable factors like character or attitude. What a great evaluator of talent we have here.
  4. Yeah, nice bounce for Le Harceleur
  5. Sweeping the Kings, didn't see that one coming. And what a beauty of a goal by Lars Eller tonight
  6. This makes a whole lot of sense actually. I like O'Reilly a lot and would be very happy if we got him, preferably for Pacioretty+ but yeah, it's likely it'll take Galchenyuk+. Not a fan of O'Reilly's cap hit but whatever, he's probably even worth more money to us given our non-existent center depth. If we then managed to sign another competent center like Statsny/Bozak, we could also move Drouin back to wing and sort of replace Galchenyuk/Pacioretty internally without giving up additional assets. Get 'er done, Marc.
  7. He should get one. The other guy was clearly in a vulnerable position, it's a reckless hit that deserves supplemental discipline IMO.
  8. It's a tough call and I tend to agree, to me it looks like Doughty's intent is to go for the shoulder and he actually seems to make (minor) contact with the shoulder first before hitting Carrier's chin/head. Even though the initial contact is not relevant according to the rule book, I'm not sure that's really worthy of a suspension to be honest.
  9. Even if we only look at his tenure, it's been six years for crying out lout. Now you see the urgency, Marc? He certainly did everything in his power to keep Galchenyuk from becoming a center though.
  10. No doubt, I don't really mind though when the Leafs have to deal with it
  11. Round 1: Atlantic: Lightning vs Devils in 5 Bruins vs Maple Leafs in 6 Metro: Capitals vs Blue Jackets in 6 Penguins vs Flyers in 6 Central: Predators vs Avalanche in 5 Jets vs Wild in 7 Pacific: Kings vs Golden Knights in 5 Sharks vs Ducks in 6 Round 2: Atlantic: Lightning vs Bruins in 6 Metro: Penguins vs Capitals in 7 Central: Predators vs Jets in 6 Pacific: Kings vs Sharks in 6 Conference Finals: East: Penguins vs Lightning in 7 West: Predators vs Kings in 6 Stanley Cup Finals: Penguins vs Predators in 6 scoring 19 goals.
  12. Isn't it on management and the coaching staff to create a winning culture? Sure, they have plenty of other responsibilities too, but who's actually in charge of creating the right environment to perform? The players? I don't think so.
  13. Even better! MB went after character guys and somehow managed to end up with a team that has a bad attitude. What a clever statement to make, I'm sure UFAs will keep that in mind come July 1st
  14. After reading up on it, I'm really happy I didn't waste my time to watch. What I find really amusing though is that after all those years we've been hearing about the importance of character, we're now missing attitude. Great Marc, you really seem to have it all figured out. I'm really looking forward to see how you're going to fix this mess.
  15. The list goes on... Marian Gaborik, Dan Hamhuis, Paul Martin, Nathan Horton, Ryan Suter or Zach Parise. Those guys certainly aren't considered 'elite', but there's no denying that they are/were legit star players in this league and highly sought-after free agents at the time. Those guys usually don't end up in Montreal, for various reasons.