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  1. I think so, too. They're definitely better than they've shown so far but they're just not good enough to contend and that's the bottom line in year 6 of the Marc Bergevin era. No "amount" of leadership is going to change that. If we had great leaders like Messier, Yzerman, Lidstrom, Sakic etc., who happen to be excellent hockey players as well, things might look a little different.
  2. Leading the league in GA and sitting dead last in GF while other teams have 2-3 games in hand.
  3. They just keep going, huh? Wow.
  4. I like Drouin, I really do. But I can't shake the feeling that Sergachev would have been more valuable to us in the long run. It's great that we have Mete but Sergachev-Weber is a top pairing teams would kill for.
  5. This totally looks like a deal MB would be willing to swing though. Then he'll acquire Ladd for Lehkonen/picks or something silly because hurr durr we have the Cap space.
  6. Yeah, next preseason maybe
  7. Yep, it took a while but I've finally reached that point as well. Nobody on this roster should be untouchable for the right return. We can point fingers at individual players like Pacioretty all we want, but it's not going to change anything. The team as a whole has major flaws that simply can't be fixed with a move or two. Aside from Price, we don't have any superstars who can tip the scales and single-handedly decide the outcome of a hockey game. We also don't have any legit scoring centers; regardless of the question whether Drouin and Galchenyuk can get it done or not, fact is we currently don't have any. Furthermore, , there's no reliable defence. We basically have two Top4 guys in Petry and Weber, a really promising kid who hasn't even played 10 games in the league yet, and X number of guys ideally suited for the third pairing/press box. How are we going to fix this? We don't. I'd keep Drouin, Lehkonen, Hudon, Danault,and Mete around, everybody else is available. Well played MB, well played. Oh boy did he screw this up.
  8. Absolutely, New Jersey isn't quite there yet but they're definitely on the right track because they were and still are willing to properly develop their prospects, even if that comes with not being competitive for some time. The Johanssen trade is a perfect example of how you take advantage of a team in Cap trouble, which unfortunately is a concept MB doesn't seem to grasp. But hey, we have 8 million in Cap space, yet nobody to spend it on. After being eliminated by the Rangers last spring, I didn't think it was time for a rebuild because I thought the roster was still competitive for another 2 years. However, that was before MB decided to let Radulov and Markov walk for nothing, trade Beaulieu for a freaking 3rd rounder, expose Emelin in the ED and then replace our LHDs with a random cast-offs and nobodies. Just imagine how bad our D would look if it wasn't for Mete, essentially a child who's doing a marvelous job playing against guys twice his size, age and weight. I'm sure we won't finish the year with a shooting percentage around 3% but that doesn't change the fact that we're not going anywhere with the current team. I don't want to jump the gun but after our terrible offseason (Streit? Morrow? Hemsky?), preseason and start to the regular season, I've seen enough. Let's keep a couple of veterans for mentoring purposes and blow this thing up already. The entire idea of a proper rebuild not being possible in Montreal due to the high expectations of the market and/or fan base is a total myth in my opinion. Newsflash: We haven't won anything in 25 years. I firmly believe that the large majority of fans would be perfectly fine with icing a young and inexperienced lineup short-term and going through the growing pains. It's signing guys like Alzner or Shaw to inflated long-term deals or adding a random selection of marginal players like Fleischmann, Smith-Pelly, Flynn, Brown, Bartley, Scrivens, Matteau, Hemsky, King, Martinsen, Ott, Nesterov, Morrow, Streit etc. that rightfully drives people nuts, especially if it essentially amounts to nothing and only keeps us playing around .500 hockey without any real chance of winning anything.
  9. I agree that winning the lottery requires a lot of luck these days, but it's still the only way to properly rebuild your team IMO. Sure, Toronto and Edmonton lucked out with McDavid and Matthews and generational talents like those kids aren't available every year, but getting higher draft picks also means you stack up on young talent that can be used to swing trades, which is something we simply don't have enough of these days. Thanks to MB's shortsightedness and general ineptitude, we're currently at a point where we can't plug holes without creating new ones. Also, Phoenix might not be the best example as they're incapable of actually spending to the Cap. Edmonton sucked for a long time and only got better once they realized that it's hard to win a Cup without adequate defence. Pittsburgh, Chicago and to a lesser extent Tampa Bay (e.g. Stamkos, Hedman, Drouin), Columbus (e.g. Johansen, Murray, Wennberg, Werenski) and now Toronto are all good examples of how to properly use high draft picks to rebuild the right way though.
  10. Caught the last 3 goals around 6:30AM over here... should have stayed in bed. Now I'm tired at the office If we continue at this pace, and I don't see why we wouldn't, MB won't make it till Christmas. Trades are so hard to pull off but hey, let's raise ticket prices again. We haven't won anything in 25 years but people still want to see us, so let's just milk them. That extra Cap space should be split up between the longest-standing season ticket holders, as compensation for their perennial suffering and for icing such a terrible 'product'.
  11. During the last three seasons, Pacioretty scored 102 goals. Sixty-four of them were assisted by Andrei Markov (30), P.K. Subban (25) or Nathan Beaulieu (9), who are no longer with the team. No biggie though, we have Karl Alzner now
  12. Currently the 2nd best scorer on the team with 3A in 6 games
  13. I've only watched the highlights but we could definitely use some puck luck here and there. The boys are gripping their sticks while the other team gets easy goals on funny bounces, weird deflections and even failed attempts at stopping the puck.
  14. Yeah, we need him to be better. He's not the reason we're losing games but he's also not helping us win these days.
  15. Yeah, he's still there. Not that I'm following him regularly but I check his stats from time to time, just to keep track on how badly MB screwed this up. 8G and 12A for 20 points in 23 games since he joined COL. Sure, the sample size is extremely small and I highly doubt that he keeps scoring at the same pace, but that doesn't change the fact that we got fleeced hard in the deal.