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  1. So with Dubois requesting a trade in Columbus, the real question is how do we get him to Montreal? Any conversation probably starts with Suzuki+ or Kotkaniemi+ but I'm wondering if we could get him for like Danault+
  2. I haven't seen him play much but I think he's going to have a really hard time cracking the lineup as long as we have Weber and Petry. Both Juulsen and Fleury are question marks but still seem to be ahead of him on the depth chart, and then there's Romanov who apparently can play on the right side as well. Too bad Brook doesn't play LHD, otherwise he might have a shot.
  3. No idea where to put this (maybe a prospect thread would make sense?) but I thought some of you might find this interesting: Josh Brook played his first game in Germany last night, getting +22 minutes of ice time (2nd on the team) in his debut and assisting on Lucas Lessio's OT winner, who's another former Hab. His team Krefeld has only 1 game left to play in that preliminary tournament before the DEL season officially starts on Dec 17th.
  4. Nobody's really following the IIHF World Hockey Championship in my hometown, eh? Germany faces Canada tomorrow in the quarters, get ready for a blowout :ph34r:

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    2. ChiLla


      Well, ze Germans (or rather Grubauer) made a game out of it. Congrats to Team Canada for reaching the semis, losing 2:1 is good enough for me :lol:

    3. HabsRuleForever


      Did you go to any games?

    4. ChiLla


      Pretty difficult to get tickets unfortunately, I watched Germany's win over Team USA though, which was pretty cool. Didn't catch any more games at the arena after that but the games were televised pretty much everywhere around Cologne, so we decided to hit a few bars instead.