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  1. Two hotheads on the same line, I'd expect plenty of silly, selfish penalties from that duo. They'd certainly be entertaining to watch though
  2. That's what I'm expecting as well, Wideman was brought in to replace Gustaffson and unless he suddenly starts turning heads for some reason, I think he'll be used sparingly.
  3. At the same time Waddell confirms that Kotkaniemi won't be playing center for Carolina but they'll use him as LW. Looks like they're pretty confident in his abilities indeed
  4. Well, not how I envisioned it but we're probably better now than we were yesterday.
  5. Nope. I'm fully behind not retaliating and playing those shitty little games on Twitter, kudos to everyone involved for keeping this professional. If the Hurricanes want to be represented this way publicly, which they clearly do, that's fine and their prerogative. I'm happy we didn't take the bait.
  6. Man, looking at Carolina's official account on Twitter just made me throw up in my mouth. If that's the way teams want to be represented publicly in pro sports nowadays, I honestly think this isn't my thing anymore.
  7. Yup, it certainly was. I'm sure the storm of negativity he would have faced in Montreal after signing that offer sheet would have been impossible to deal with – for him and the team. It sucks losing him for a (probably) relatively low return but I'm okay with the decision in general. Hopefully MB can still make a move to upgrade but if not, this could be huge for Poehling and his development. Let's please lock up both Suzuki and Caufield early though, and I wouldn't mind going after Necas next summer.
  8. Yup, no argument there. I did like his first season a lot though, coming from overseas as a teenager and showing a lot of promise. Not much development since then, however, and with everything that went down in the past week and the way he (or his agent, whatever, it's the same thing to me) was okay with being a tool in the nifty little games the Hurricanes seem to be so fond of, quite frankly I don't give a damn about him and his future career.
  9. That’s totally possible and I’m actually inclined to believe it. But his agent definitely understood the significance of a 20$ signing bonus, if he didn’t he should be looking for a new job because he wasn’t doing what he’s supposed to. I‘m not saying that I‘d expect JK to turn down the offer, not at all, nobody in I their right mind would do that. But there certainly would have been room for taking a stance and not being part of Dundon’s nifty little revenge games (I don’t think this is coming from Waddell). If the offer was truly conditional on those petty numbers being in the contract, it would have been a MAJOR red flag to me because it just confirms that they‘re not primarily interested in the player.
  10. Not to my knowledge. He was even allowed to continue playing in Sweden after the conviction, so I‘m guessing him coming across the pond for a while is a real possibility. I wouldn’t mind following his career here in Germany for a bit, but that’s pretty unlikely.
  11. Ordered to pay a fine of roughly $2,000.
  12. I have absolutely no idea, but does it really matter? He signed the contract, either knowingly and he was fine with it or his agent was in on the whole thing and didn't tell him. No clue, but either way the optics are bad. I've never seen a real NHL contract in my life, but I'd guess that a signing bonus of $20 would raise question marks.
  13. I'd like us to match as well, unless Bergevin pulls off a major trade that makes us better instantly (difficult given the situation we're in). I always liked KK and was willing to give him more time but I'm really not sure if there's a way back for him. This organization has a lot of history and takes pride in it, the blatant disrespect from the Hurricanes and Kotkaniemi's involvement isn't going to sit well with a lot of people.
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