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  1. How‘s Kotkaniemi doing? Can‘t watch the game... I‘m at a wedding
  2. Without hesitation, as long as the prospect plays the left side and simply because our defence needs a major upgrade. Acquiring wingers is way easier than getting your hands on a legit defensive prospect with top 4 upside. I still like Scherbak but at this point all he brings is potential. His numbers so far are underwhelming and while the talent is clearly there, he needs to start producing at some point. On the other hand, Alzner has probably negative value given his salary, so it may be difficult to get that prospect we'd want for the package you're suggesting.
  3. No kidding, that celebration reminds me a little of Patrick Kane's OT winning goal for the Cup win. Slightly different circumstances
  4. Yeah, wanted to see Kotkaniemi's NHL debut. Can't stay after the 1st though, need to work in ~6 hours
  5. So close... Peca looked good on that shift.
  6. Of course they score after that terrible call.
  7. Well deserved after that strong start!
  8. Nice first NHL shift
  9. Unfortunately, I didn't. First time I've watched an opening 'ceremony' in T.O.
  10. Maybe, I'm fine with the decision either way. Also, from what I've seen in the preseason, I think Peca deserves a shot. There's potential I believe, and Plekanec doesn't really add much at this stage of his career.