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  1. Yep, I don't think that we can talk about this merely being a pause any longer. It doesn't really matter what they're trying to sell to the public or how they want to salvage the season IMO. Entire cities (even countries) were shut down all over Europe, and that virus isn't going to go away anytime soon. This goes way beyond sports, it's sad but it's an afterthought at this point.
  2. I know that it‘s the right decision but man, I never realized how much time I‘m spending on watching/attending/following sports. I do now since all leagues I‘m interested in have shut down, kinda boring and Netflix only takes you so far. I hope you guys are all right though, be safe ✌🏻
  3. Totally forgot about Patches, you‘re right! Definitely our best pick since Carey.
  4. Looks like we've actually traded away the two best 1st round picks we've had since Carey Price in McDonagh and Sergachev. Our first rounders really haven't worked out at all, which is one of the reasons we're just not a very good team. If your going for the playoffs every year and refuse to build for the future, you better make sure your draft picks work out. They haven't.
  5. Agreed, picking at #8 means we're exacty at the point where the rankings from most scouts start to get a little less clear. Pretty sure that Byfield will go at #2, a 6'4 center with as much offensive potential as he has will be hard to pass up for any team. Then there are Stützle-Raymond-Holtz-Rossi-Drysdale (not necessarily in that order) who seem to have the highest possibility of becoming impact players in the NHL. The dark horse is Askarov, if a team decides to take him one of those guys might fall into our lap. Otherwise we'll be looking at players like Perfetti, Lundell, Mercer, Zary, maybe Perreault, which all come with a few question marks and aren't surefire impact players sadly. Lapierre is interesting because he has fallen out of favor due to concussion issues this season, he's got tons of skill but it's a bit of a risky pick.
  6. Norlinder won the award for the best junior player in the Allsvenskan this season, he's a highly-skilled, puck-moving dman. Had a bit of injuries trouble this year (so he fits right in) but there's a lot to like. Got plenty of ice time on the first pairing with Tobias Enstrom. He's still under contract with Modo next season though so it'll take a while before we get to see him but he's promising for sure.
  7. You should convert that VHS and upload it somewhere! I’d definitely watch the whole tape 1993 was my first time in Montreal... caught a couple of games and been a Habs fan ever since
  8. They‘ll show reruns of the best Habs playoff runs in the recent years! Oh wait...
  10. To be expected, and certainly the right decision.
  11. I wouldn't put it past him. Yeah, that should pretty much seal the deal. I've watched the TV broadcast of my local football team playing against their biggest rival in an empty arena last night, which is usually the biggest game of the season. Trust me, nobody wants to watch that, it's ridiculously boring without any fans in the standings. Pretty sure they're going to put an end to the entire European football season, too. There's also the Euro 2020 this summer, with games taking place all over Europe and the opening game being held in Rome of all places. There's a good chance they'll push the entire tournament to next year.
  12. Right in the numbers to boot Yeah, no clue how the ref missed that call. I mean he's literally standing right there watching it unfold.
  13. Played 18 minutes on the first pairing with Leskinen, let's hope the kid can stay healthy. Another scary moment when Juulsen was run into the boards from behind but he got up quickly and was okay.
  14. No doubt, the guys ranked between #2-#8 are all projected to become pretty good players, even though there seems to be a bit of a drop-off between Byfield and the rest of the pack. But hey, we're talking about projections, there will be surprises and busts for sure. Every draft has them. You're joking but I'm a little torn on Rossi because of size. It's silly because scouts seem to think he can be a legit 1st line center in the NHL but at some point we'll have to ask ourselves how many smaller guys we want to have on the roster. Caufield, Domi, Gallagher, Byron – and to a lesser degree Tatar and Suzuki – are all smaller players and similar in a sense that they're never going to overpower an NHL defender. You add Rossi to the mix and suddenly you're looking at a top six with 5/6 guys being 5'10 or smaller, which isn't going to work IMO. To be clear, I'm absolutely not saying we should draft for size again (McCarron) but good teams have a good mix of forwards capable of doing different things on the ice. Even though it has changed a lot, hockey still is a very physical game and if Jonathan Drouin is one of the bigger scoring forwards on your team, that's going to be a problem I think. Especially in the playoffs.
  15. I’m clearly biased but I want Stützle. I’d settle for Drysdale though